Hélène Engel

Hélène Engel

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A panorama of Jewish music from around the world with a spoonful of laughter, a tad of nostalgia and plenty of energy. The show visits moments of Jewish life through Yiddish, Sephardic and Klezmer repertoire including Helene's own compositions.


The Helene Engel Trio began in Montreal in 2005 and has since been performing with their show "VOYAGE."

A native of Paris, France, Hélène Engel is a specialist in Jewish folklore singing in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Judeo-Spanish, English, French and numerous other languages. Singer, musicologist, composer, lyricist and arranger. She is passionate about every aspect of Jewish music, from ethnological field work collecting old songs to new compositions, from traditional folk songs to discovering exceptional and unknown melodies. Her tours include regular appearances at festivals in France and elsewhere in Europe. Now based in Montreal, she occasionally sings as cantorial soloist at Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom. Her 5th recording, VOYAGE, was launched in October 2007.

Ex- mathematician, Henri Oppenheim drifted since 1997 into accordion. He directed the Kleztory group for 4 years, performing with the Montreal and the Quebec Symphony Orchestras. He expanded the scope of his musical experience through composition, arrangements, directing, accompaniment, even production. He collaborates with Helene Engel since 2004.

Classically trained violinist Marie-Neige Lavigne now plays different musical styles, from Gypsy Jazz to the contemporary compositions of her trio « Cord’Âmes », while granting ample space to the Jewish and Quebecois folklores. As she said to Helene Engel, when they started their collaboration in 2005, « the music of the world breathes through the strings of my violin » .



VOYAGE – CD – HE 007
Jewish songs from all over the world and modern compositions

Songs in Yiddish, French and English. About childhood, times forever gone, and continuity of a tradition from one generation to the next. The booklet includes the lyrics in Yiddish and their translation into French and English as well as a brief note about each song.
With F.A.C.E. school choir

This album draws a parallel between the expulsion of Jews from Spain and the landing of the first Jewish immigrants in North America. A savoury blend of Sephardi and Ashkenazi folklores (Spain, Middle-East, Maghreb, Russia, Poland, Romania...) and of ancient and contemporary repertoire.

Sephardic folklore (ladino). Ancient romances in Jewish-Spanish from Europe and the Middle East.

Songs in Hebrew, Yiddish and Jewish-Spanish

Set List

Fiddler on the roof
Arum dem fayer - Traditional Yiddish
Cuando el Rey Nimrod - Traditional from Morocco
Le petit Juif (The little Jew) - Danielle Messia
Bublichkis - Traditional Yiddish from Russia
Kesl Gardn - M. Rosenfeld – M. Warshawsky
Maguen Ossim - Judéo-Provençal (XVIIe) Music H. Engel
Mipi el - Traditional Sephardic from Turkey
Shalom Rav- Text: Liturgy Music H. Engel
The 7-40 train – Eastern Europe Traditional

Rabbinical suite - Traditional Yiddish (medley)
Sapozhkelekh - Traditional Yiddish from Ukraine
Lomir zikh iberbetn - Traditional Yiddish from Poland
Wedding parade – Medley of all traditions
Fel Shara - Traditional Séphardic from Turkey
Bei mir bistu sheyn - J. Jacob – Music S. Secunda
8 Candelicas - Flory Yagoda
Hélène’s nigun - Hélène Engel
Medley of Chassidic songs
A couple (or more politically involved songs in Yiddish, French or English related to Jewish life or world events.
sets can be designed to suit any needs.
Usually they are 30