Helen J Hicks

Helen J Hicks


Helen has been writing songs since she was 10. After completing a choral scholarship at Cambridge, she spent time working with a jazz band in Africa. Returning to the UK, she released an album through Universal with her band �Honeyriders�. She won Best Newcomer at the 2005 Marlborough Jazz Fest.


Helen J Hicks debut solo album is out now on amazon.co.uk and ITunes, and in HMV Stores. A Cambridge Choral Scholar and winner of the Best Newcomer at the 2005 Marlborough Jazz Festival, Helen J Hicks is a "... a Joni Mitchell on the cusp between folk and jazz" Sunday Times.

Helen's passion for music began in her childhood. She began singing at age 3 and by the time she was 8, Helen was playing both piano and guitar. From the age of 10, Helen began writing and composing her own songs. From the humble beginnings of singing around the Christmas Tree, Helen has continued developing as a singer/songwriter through performance and great opportunities.

She has collaborated on songs with Izzy from Guns 'n' Roses while working with Charles Norman in LA, she has sung with the likes of Jazz greats David Okumu and Ian Shaw, and Helen has represented the UK at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Helen also formed her own Jazz band called KUDU, with local Tanzanian musicians, while living in Dar es Salaam in 2001. KUDU was a huge success, playing at every major event in the city, and appearing on National and South African Television.

Prior to launching this solo album, Helen has recorded 2 albums with her band HoneyRiders and was signed to Universal for their last album. Since then, Helen has launched her own music label LoudMouthMusic Ltd.

Currently conducting a regional radio tour, Helen J Hicks is performing at various London venues and some regional venues over the summer. These include: The Marlborough Jazz Festival 13th July, The Elm Tree Jazz Pub Cambridge 26th July, Pizza Express Soho Dean Street 30th July, Vann Festival 3rd-5th August, Greenbelt Festival 25th August, and The 606 Club 5th September.

"The album has an overridingly folky, country edge, full of beautiful soaring string arrangements." Irish World, 2007.


Be Myself

Written By: Helen J Hicks

V.1 Open up the garden through the window of my soul
On the inside it is hollow, on the outside it looks whole
Don't know how to change the dry rot that is eating round the frame
The weeds clinging to the cracks all bear the imprint of my name
Give me time away
Give me peace, peace to say

Lord I find it hard to be myself
Sometimes when I try I'm just someone else
Yeah, Lord I find it hard just to kick back and say
I'm gonna be myself today.

V.2 Cutting back the hedgerows any hate and bitter years
Weed up all the judgement that compares me with my piers
Just step into the field, beyond the garden wall
Where there's butterflies and daisies and the grass is growing tall
It just waves away
Such a free place to say

Middle 8:

You can go and let the black in
Dark clouds to block out all the bright summer rays
Just remember they'll be passing
They're the rain that makes you grow up strong again.


Lord I find it hard to be myself
But Lord I won't try to be someone else yeah
Cos though I find it hard I'm gonna stand up and say
I'm gonna be myself today (x3)


-2004 COLOUR
-2006 BROKEN
-2007 BE MYSELF(May 28th)
-2007 LOVE'S NOT FOR SALE (June 25th)

-2005 Letting the light in 2005
-(re-release with added jazz numbers) entitled HONEYRIDERS
-2007 HELEN J HICKS (out June 11th)

Set List

The sets are usually about 40mins. We sometimes do two sets of 40mins and can do more if it's jazz-based material.
My background is jazz/pop/folk and my own songs are influenced by this.
I do also sing trad jazz sets mixed in with new material as well as just new material. I've played all the most famous jazz venues in London, Ronnie Scotts, Pizza Express, Dean Street, 606club, Lots Road.
As well as lots of well known venues in general inc. Caf� de Paris, Pigalle Club, Madam Jo Jo's, Westminster Cathedral, Coventry Cathedral, Cobden Club, Kaberet, Bijous, 100 Club, The Bedford, Union Chapel, Albert Hall.