Helen Keller

Helen Keller


Hailing from the small town Isle of Wight... Helen Keller are bringing their blend of power pop and energetic live performances to put some good times back into rock music.


Helen Keller was formed as an acoustic duet project by former Kody frontman Gareth Icke and lead guitarist Tim Pritchard. The pair have spent the last few months writing and perfecting new material in their rehearsal studio on the Isle of Wight.

The songs were first aired at Viva Viva in London, followed by festival perfomances at The Nokia Isle of Wight Festival, Americana Festival in Nottingham and the Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norway. Although the shows recieved great reviews, Gareth and Tim felt that the songs really needed the drive and momentum of a tightly locked rhythm section to achieve their full potential.

Lauren Bennett joined on bass guitar and Nate Webber took up the drums to complete the new look Helen Keller. Both Lauren and Nate have an invaluble wealth of musical experience behind them. Lauren has spent the last few years performing on cruise ships and has performed all over the world. Nate is also the drummer in Island rock outfit Jacuna and is currently part of the Platform One Music Course.
The four peice have been rehearsing hard on turning the acoustic tracks into a whole new sound that they can call simply their own.

Songs like Croyde Bay Holiday Park, Tel Aviv and Joe Vs display the joys and frustrations of a life slightly 'disconnected'. The laid back, almost reggae verses of Tel Aviv portraying the calmness of Island life, only to be counteracted by the fast powerful choruses convaying the underlying anger of small town bigotry.

In the past Gareth and Tim have been told to almost lose their heritage and become 'Londonised' to assist their bid for wider exposure. This is something that the band do not take kindly to. Helen Keller is a band that is distinctly Isle of Wight and while touring the deepest darkest parts of the wherever, will never lose their roots.

Set List

Our current sets are being put together from a repetoire of about 12 songs, some of which will make up our debut album. The typical set is about 8 songs and last about half an hour of up-tempo songs.