Helen Keller Nation

Helen Keller Nation


We're the band for the deaf and blind. We're a cool and original blend of blues, progressive rock, and jam band music. we are laid back and psychedelic, yet pretty rocking at the same time. We improvise a lot on stage so no show is ever the same no matter what tunes we are playing.


we are what we are... the band for the Deaf and Blind. we all met one day on the mean streets. we were lost and confused so we found the light the only way we could... through our rock. we played that day just once, but that one tune pleased the ears of mother nature so much she urged us to join forces and rock her every night... so here we are. Helen Keller Nation, blending the music everyone loves into one big ball of kick ass tunes. blues and jam band rock, along with Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia all fused together to create only one thing... good tunes. music for the deaf and blind. we hop on stage and play our hearts out every night, improvising many things along the way only playing what we know will rock the socks off of the world that night.

Set List

We normally play about four or five songs in a 45 minute to an hour long set.
we have a few Originals
Killing Machine
Scalawag Steve
Four Notes
and a new "unnamed" song
we play many covers whenever we feel it fits, but they always sound original never just rehashed same ol' same ol'

we play a lot of pink floyd tunes some Led Zeppelin The Who, Umphrey's Mcgee, George and the Destroyers, Beethoven and the likes, just whatever we are into.