Helgi Valur & The Shemales

Helgi Valur & The Shemales


Helgi Valur is not only one of the most versatile trubadour in the world but also the craziest. Performing 40 minute medleys on a whim and covering rap classics. Now backed by the cream of the Icelandic music crop "The Shemales" performing catchy illustrated originals from "Electric Ladyboyland"


Helgi Valur has long been an elusive figure in a pigeonholing music world, hungry for definitions. A world that might not appreciate the idea of an afterlife where Nina Simone and the ODB are kicking it in Hunter S. Thompson´s compound in heaven while Jeff Buckley and Sam Cooke duet on Prince covers.
In the wake of the success of the like of Damien Rice the international music industry engaged numerous “delicate” singer/songwriters in an indiscriminant and fatal embrace. Having early on found inspiration from Jeff Buckley, Will Oldham and even Mr. Rice Helgi Valur was worried about the coming wave of adult contemporary bastardization that he wanted no part of. Helgi Valur became disenchanted with what he has dubbed James Bluntism. He concluded in an interview that James was the worst kind of Blunt and gradually shifted from the low-key ballads of his debut album, The Demise of Faith into more incisive territory.
In the coming years Helgi Valur played innumerable live gigs, sometimes with various embodiments of The Shemales or The White Panthers, his respective collaborators. These included the Iceland Airwaves Festivals of ´05, ´06 and ´07. Over the years he developed his talent of transcending conventional troubadour performance into that of live DJ/remixer armed not with decks but an axe and his warped imagination. Thankfully, the axe in question was made for laying down tracks, not the audience, though they often felt blown away.
In 2009 Helgi Valur released a labor of love called The Black Man is God, the White Man is the Devil. This is both a declaration of Helgi Valur´s lifelong love of hip hop and a musical and political statement that the greatest threat to Iceland´s future is cultural and genetic homogeneity. A rapturous release concert followed which was recorded for future generations. This can be downloaded in its entirety, free of charge, while select performances can be watched on YouTube. Just type in Helgi Valur on YouTube and access the free download there as well.
In 2011 Singer/Songwriter Helgi Valur released his 3rd LP Electric Ladyboyland on the 3rd of November under the name Helgi Valur & The Shemales. The album is served with the cream of the Icelandic music crop. Musicians from Amiina, Árstíðir, Sing Fang and Benny Hemm Hemm. Renowned producer Magnús Árni Øder (Benny Crespos Gang, Lay Low) applies synths and the electric feel to make this album something special.
This album celebrates the whole spectrum of being human, being strange and being androgynous. Artists are said to have both male and female qualities so the message of this album is be yourself, be an artist, be a She-Male.


Smoke the past away

Written By: Helgi Valur

You're a bronze skin'd angel mild
My Girl so free and wild
Sexy Goddess Natures Child

Everything in you makes sense
You're the meaning of my existense
You and me against the world

Lets smoke our past away
Lets smoke till brighter days
You and me
Smoking for eternity

You're the other part of my soul
You're the infinate and endless flame
We're both the same

Let me hold you till we die
Hug you when you cry
You're the apple of my eye (whatever that means)

Lets smoke our past away
Lets smoke till brighter days
You and me
Smoking for eternity

And when we both die of lung cancer
It really won't matter
cause we'll be together
smoking in heaven
smoking in heaven

Lets smoke our past away
Lets smoke till brighter days
You and me
Smoking for eternity


The Demise of Faith - Helgi Valur. 2005
The Black Man is God The White Man is the Devil - Helgi Valur. 2009
Electric Ladyboy Land - Helgi Valur &The Shemales 2010

Singles include L.O.V.E (get away from me) and Run 4 Cover

Set List

Acoustic Guitar