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This band has not uploaded any videos




"So great - so cool!"
Translated from Danish to English
5/6 live review - NRG Magazine


This was a great show by a band playing there best - ROCK ON!
(Translated from Danish to English)

5/6 review - Metalzone.dk


Dødning, word has it, is a formidable live force, and to be perfectly honest, the primary reason that members of our staff chose to attend this gig. When the band emerges on stage, the crowd has already thickened considerably, numbering around 40 or 50, which is a fair showing considering the poor promotion that local features like this usually receive. And Dødning are not about to disappoint the pack, unleashing their thunderous Southern sludge upon us with an exhilirating energy. The band's two vocalists create a good dynamic between harsh screams and a more hardcore influenced yell (with some clean vocals in between as well) while the remaining instrumentalists swing their hair and gear amid groovy, down-tuned riffs. Already from the first few songs it is obvious why Dødning enjoys such praise in the Danish underground, and despite the scarce crowd, the music and performance are impossible not to appreciate. The amount of energy in Dødning's music allows the band to stand up, become oblivious to the fact that there is still almost no one here, and instead incite what few faces have bothered to gather close in front of the stage to mosh and headbang like at any other, sold out metal concert. This is a fantastic example of how to handle a disappointing turnout, but there can be no doubt that this band would rather excel in a smaller, packed venue. [7/10] - Rockfreaks.net


Dødning is a very promising young group and I would not be surprised if the metal labels soon came running after them"
- Matt Showman, Keep - On- My- Side (May 25, 2009) - Matt Showman


"The bands southern rock sound really appealed to me and I found myself listening to the tracks over and over again"
- Anders Wind, Metalzone (Apr 09, 2009) - Anders Wind


"Grimey hatred from boot to face"
- Hansen , GAFFA (Apr 03, 2009) - Hansen


"It has been a while since I have heard a danish metal band with so much potential - and I have heard alot of metal bands"
- Carsten Fjølner, diskant.dk (Mar 29, 2009) - Carsten Fjølner


January 2009- EP
2011 - For Wolves And Vultures



In the cold, beautiful Scandinavia in the small country Denmark, HELHORSE started out as 5 piece stoner, sludge band under the name of DØDNING in 2006.
Experimenting with the sound the band added their second vocalist Mikkel Wad Larsen later the same year.

The members are all set in Copenhagen, but come from very different musical backgrounds.
And so with a wide spread of influences from metal, hardcore, punk, and rock and roll, the band found that this diversity was one of their greatest assets.

With only two songs on MySpace, the band were thrown to the wolves .

In 2007 they played support slots for bands like Black Label Society, Exodus, Opeth, 3 Inches of Blood and set out on their first tour abroad in The Netherlands.

The reaction received at the various shows was overwhelming and fuelled the need to record their fist self titled EP “DØDNING” which was released in the spring of 2009. Besides the release of their first EP, 2009 also marked an important change in the band.

Bass player Jon Kampstrup made the decision to leave the band and he was replaced by Søren Nybo Hansen.

With the new line up the guys started writing material for their debut album.

In late 2009 they started recording their debut album at the Dead Rat Studio with Danish metal legend Jacob Bredahl (HateSphere, As We Fight, Purified In Blood).

With a crisp, warm and dynamic sound, Jacob Bredahl managed to get the very best of the band and created a very powerful debut album that shows a band breaking into their own right.

2010 was a year of preparation, concerts and self reflexion.

The played at key events like events like Spot Festival ( one of Scandinavia´s most important Festivals), Food For Your Senses (Lux) as well as playing again at Aaalborg Metal Festival (w/ Monster Magnet, Katatonia etc. ) The band also supported the mighty Torche.

Due to the past three years the band took a look inside and started to work on their visual identity and expression as a band. The result of this process was to change their name from DØDNING to Helhorse.

“We felt that it was necessary to change our name to something that was more linked to our musical expression. But at the same time we didn’t want to lose the meaning of DØDNING (ghost/goblin in Danish). We found a poem from an old famous Danish writer Steen Steensen Blicher in which the Helhorse (ghost horse) was mentioned as the bringer of death and destruction.
We feel that HELHORSE is the perfect name for us as it embraces our Nordic roots.”

The future looks bright for the bastard sons of Copenhagen. They will release their debut album For Wolves And Vultures in the early part of 2011 on Danish Label, Mighty Music and have signed a Scandinavian booking deal with Gearbox Agency.

New Noise Management
Jakob Daugberg
E: jd@newnoise.dk
P: +45 29 257 075

Sidsel Christensen
E: sc@newnoise.dk
P: +45 26 717 312

Gearbox Agency
/Anderz Nielsen
E:gearbox @ gearbox.dk
P:+45 33 11 89 99

Label: Mighty Music
/Michael Andersen


Facebook fan page: HELHORSE

* For Wolves And Vultures is recorded live at Jacob Bredahl’s new studio Dead Rat Studio in Aarhus, Denmark in November 2009 - http://www.deadratstudio.com

* DØDNING was nominated twice at the Danish Metal Awards in the categories Metal Talent of the Year and the audience award ‘The Jack’