Helicopter Rounds

Helicopter Rounds

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Hey! This band is made up of E.R. docs, formed during our residency training. Music was our outlet for the craziness we saw: gut-wrenching traumas, chaos, and life in general. Charged rhythms, driven bass, rich guitar and brilliant vocals will make you think twice about us....


Formed during the most challenging period of residency in Emergency Medicine, Helicopter Rounds is a collection of four doctors with a passion for music and healing, searching for an outlet from the chaos of the emergency department. Named after the ritualistic trip to the helicopter pad, made at the end of an overnight ER shift to watch the sunrise, reflect, and breathe, the Los Angeles-based alternative rock group has developed a following for writing music that delicately explores the harsh reality of life’s struggles, as seen through the eyes of a healing profession.

The trio of Cliff Wang, Kirk Burgamy, and Jon Crisp quickly realized their dynamic chemistry in the two weeks of rehearsal prior to their first show in the fall of 2008. The group has performed extensively in Los Angeles, with recent gigs including The Viper Room, The Roxy, The Mint, and several others in Santa Monica/Venice/Hollywood.

The original songs attracted the interest of producer and engineer Ed Faris (Adema), who worked with the band to record their first EP, The Edge, released in the spring of 2009 on iTunes. The recent addition of Ben Gilmore has added to the band's depth and presence.

Characterized by driven bass lines, energetic and soaring guitars, rich melodic vocals, consequential lyrics and palpable rhythms, Helicopter Rounds’ songs are rooted in the real experiences of Jon, Kirk, Ben, and Cliff - as they journey through emergency medicine and life. The band is in the midst of creating their second studio album and has already released two new songs, “Hardest Day” and “Black Dust.” All the music is original work written and produced by Helicopter Rounds.


The Edge - EP. Released 2009 on iTunes.
Upcoming Album - scheduled for release in Feb 2012.

Set List

1. Consideration
2. I Will Stay
3. I See Where I'm Going
4. Cracks
5. Edge of the World
6. 83 Ford
7. Paranoia
9. Hardest Day
10. Night
Total Time: 45 minutes