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helios eye


Helios Eye is a psychedellic-gothic-blues punk rock band with 1 member who play all instruments on the records and could be be compared to Neil Young, Leonard Cohen ,BECK, the Beatles ,Arcade Fire,Modest Mouse,the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Tom Waits,Hank Williams Joy Division.


It feels like some cross between a Sam Beam (of Iron & Wine) and Kurt Cobain demo tape made today. It has the folksiness of Sam Beam, especially with the banjo, with the raw emotional writing of Cobain at his best. The lyrics are decidedly dark with things like "there are sections of I-95 that make you want to take your own life." The flipside is that when Kevin, the man behind Helios, turns manic it's incredible. Even the darkest lyrics have some sunshine line as everyone screams along, "and I feel sooo dirty!" There's one song with particularly poignant lyrics that they closed with that I can't recall the words too, especially since my iPod is out of service and unfortunately I can't pull it up 'cause someone spilled coffee on the iPod (props to iPodResQ, btw, for fixing it fast and cheap). Stop into Inertia Books & Records and pick up his album "The Karmic Debt of the Bugs We Step On." Lo-Fi at it's finest, it was recorded in a Riverside kitchen and has the same acoustics of singing in your shower. It even comes with a handwritten letter to YOU, the consumer.


pushing brugs for Carly

Written By: Kevin Newberry

all night
ya' know that i was driving
ad it was overwhelming
yelling and screaming at my self why can't you get it right
astroids are flying through the sky
watch your children drown
with a look through witches disguise
we all know that the skies have eyes
and angels never lie
unless they have too.
pushing drugs for carly
i am so sorry
i didnt mea to wake you
in the middle of your dreaming
pushing drugs for carly
i think you're an asshole
but so i am i
so lets skip the hassles


LP-The karmic debt of the bugs we step on -2005
EP-Swan dives off a short pier-2006
LP-A buffoon is a genius-2007
single- Lillian Driver-2008
The new single is up on myspace/eyehelios.com
along with older tracks.

Set List

Hey There Girl
Rotten Tomatoes
Peacock Infatuation
Aluminum Stars
Lurkin' in the shadows
This indeed is a disturbing universe
Helios Eye does not play covers.We have enough songs to change the set list a little everytime we play.Our sets can go from 25 mins to 45 mins or longer if needed.