Formed in 1982, Heliotroupe developed an underground cult following up and down the west coast during the eighties and into the early nineties, from Vancouver, BC to Santa Cruz, CA east to New York City and back. Amidst the exploding grunge scene in the Northwest and all the commercial hype that followed, Heliotroupe was quietly developing its own fiercely loyal fan base. Noted for its powerful musicianship, free-form psychedelic improvisation and dedication to social awareness, Heliotroupe has been nourished by a community of fans and supporters that remains intact 25 years later.

Free guerrilla performances in the middle of the Cooper Point woods were the anchor for the legendary multimedia Graduation Festivals at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA during that era. Lead singer and songwriter Danny Kelly remembers, "We’ve always done our own thing -- with the help of a dedicated crew of friends and family, we produced our own brand of shows, events and happenings. We didn’t see a place for ourselves in the club scene, so we found our own places, mostly Grange Halls dotted up and down the west coast that we could rent and create the environment we wanted. We’d invite as many people as we could, set up and play for hours, sometimes until the sun came up.�

Part revival show, part gathering of the tribes, live Heliotroupe shows have always been about creating a unique, primal dance experience through music. Then as today, audience and band explore the outer edges of consciousness, unleash the spirit of love in community, challenge the status quo—and freak out to some seriously rockin’ tunes.

Heliotroupe’s current line up is: songwriter Danny Kelly on guitar and vocals, Mark Eckert on the bass guitar, Colm Meek on piano, organ, keyboards, loops and vocals and Robin Toye on drums and percussion.


Most recently Heliotroupe released their first full length CD entitled "ODD YEARS" available through CD Baby

Heliotroupe is right now in the process of re-releasing all its previously released material ("Anything Under The Sun"(re-mastered), "Giving Up The Ghost", "Live - '82 - '88" and their original first self-titled 1983 cassette only release "HELIOTROUPE"on CD and Website download.

Set List

Our ideal set lasts 90 mins. and is approx. 80% Original

If I Were You
Changing My Mind
Book of Splendor
Crime & Punishment (Eno - Cale)
The Big Empty
Country Song >
>Within You & Without You (Harrison)
Wake Up
Topanga Rose
Independence Day
Only Love
Ezkiel (Guthrie)