Helix Boyz

Helix Boyz

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They were born DEAF.


The Helix Boyz are the entertainment industry's first deaf hip hop group. Representing Gallaudet, the three members: L.y.f.e., Hype C and Sho Roc were born clinically deaf and these boys have an unforgettable passion for hip hop!

All across America, Helix Boyz have captured the hearts of their deaf peers by making history as the community's "heroes" in the world of entertainment. These guys bring a wild, fun and friendly style of East Coast lyrical raps with some Dirty South crunkness. Helix Boyz has started a new movement where everyone's putting their "H" up!

With the help of their management team, From Dreams 2 Reality, Helix Boyz have performed in 100+ venues and have released a debut independent demo, "Helix Boyz Presents...The H" which is distributed independently.


Helix Boyz Presents...The H

Set List

Set List:
30 minutes (clean lyrics)