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Hell Came Home

Muncie, Indiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Muncie, Indiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Metal Thrash Metal




"A new paradigm in metal."

“Hell Came Home immediately took the stage with a fierce intensity, creating a new paradigm in metal that you really have to experience to understand. Hell Came Home doesn’t give you any build up time, rather punches you in the back of the skull from the get go and never lets up in ferocity and it's full throttle all the time.”

Selective Memory - Brad Flynn

"Battle Report"

“Of the heavier bands, Muncie’s Hell Came Home made the biggest impression of the night purely on intensity. The hardcore metal act has made waves in Central Indiana. They were the first heavy band I’ve seen in this Battle Royale able to get fans crowding the stage, It really shows why they’re such a big draw in this area.”

T.B.R. - Jonathan Sanders

"Hell Came Home Album"

Hell Came Home finish their long anticipated 2nd album titled
It was Recorded at Soundbar Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Mixed and Mastered at CMC21 Productions Santa Clarita, CA.
With a very special Thanks to all involved:

Dan Middleton ( Engineering )

Nick Bowcott ( Producing )

Chris Collier ( Mix and Master )

Having gone through a few changes and the all to often band member switches that can plague a band as it tries to continue forward progression...The guys have finished the new album and it is being released for public consumption. This album is much more technical then it's predecessor Body Bags. Enjoy... - Way of Life - Records

"Knocking On Your Door."

“Building on good work ethic and a grass roots approach to building a fan base, Hell Came Home Initially formed in 2013 by Danny Dunn (vocals) and Reed Thomas (guitar), quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Powerful, heavy and loud, they are a band reminiscent of an early Pantera, and their brand of groove metal is geared for a new generation of metal fans. Having seen these guys live, I can tell you they are like a pack of rabid wolves when they take the stage and play with equal parts passion and aggression. Did I mention they are loud? Hell Came Home are undoubtedly one of the most talented and original bands to come out of the Muncie (IN) music scene in a very long time.”

Selective Memory - Brad Flynn

"B&D’s Melee Hall,"

Taking the stage next was Hell Came Home, a band established in 2013 in Muncie. The heavy metal sound radiated throughout the room - causing an electric performance. This band attracted an audience of all ages, including younger children who didn’t hesitate to rock out. - Broken Record Press

"Album Review: Body Bags"

“The past year has seen great things happen for Muncie Indiana’s Hell Came Home. endorsements including Coldcock Whiskey, Railhammer pick ups, Wornstar Clothing and more. They landed an opening spot at the 2015 Rockstar Mayhem Festival, were invited to Texas for the annual Ride For Dime. they treat their fans like family. Selective Memory introduced many of our readers to Hell Came Home last year when we interviewed guitarist Reed Thomas. This is when we first learned of the upcoming debut album Body Bags. Well, here we are almost exactly a year later and Body Bags is finally available. Was it worth the wait and anticipation? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY! If you have ever caught a live show from these guys, you know the amount of energy and hard work they put into their performances. This energy is all captured,bottled and pours out of the speakers of whatever medium you listen to this album with, but I still recommend you get off your ass and get to one of their shows, you won’t be sorry.”

Selective Memory - Brad Flynn

"Interview / Danny Dunn"

My favorite local band right now is Hell Came Home. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an amazing metal band who call Muncie home. These are five of the most down to earth and talented guys I have ever gotten the chance to meet. There has been quite a bit of buzz about them since they won 98.9 The Bear’s House Band Search back in May. They have an incredible chemistry together and make their fans feel like family. I was lucky enough to get to chat with lead vocalist Danny Dunn and pick his brain about the band and some of his favorite moments. He was awesome enough to eat lunch with me and talk about the band.

Indy Metal Shows:
I'm a new fan So my first question is...how did Hell Came Home form?

Danny Dunn:
The first show was August 20th, 2014. The first practice was in July, 2014. so we're almost two now and still in diapers. As far as formation, Reed and I had decided to work on a few songs and then we were going to be done. Just record a couple songs and begin “ adulting ” as they say. Just for the hell of it we posted one of the songs online and before we knew it we had over 1,000 likes and people were interested in booking us for gigs, but we didn’t have an actual band. We actually booked our first show before we had a band put together.

That’s definitely a strange approach. How did you find the other guys for the band then...?

I had known Nathan for awhile but we weren’t really friends. I asked him if we could talk and I played him part of one of the songs and he agreed to join. Jeremy and Andy were working together on a different project but it had run it’s course. So i played part of a song for them and they also agreed to join at that point.

The band name is Hell Came Home and you also have a song called “Hell Came Home.” I like it, but I’m curious where the name came from.

Reed was actually writing one of the songs and he heard a line from the movie Tombstone that made him come up with it. He called me and said he named a song “Hell Came Home” and a light bulb went off in my head immediately. So i got online and purchased the domain name for Hell Came Home. It was so perfect and it instantly fit.

Even though you guys have only been around for two years, you have been able to do some cool gigs. Can you tell me a few that stand out?

We've gotten to play with quite a few national acts. We played at the Ride for Dime in Dallas, Texas....very cool experience. We also played at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. Some of the bigger artists we played with are Corrosion of Conformity, Prong, Avatar, Clutch, Hellyeah, Slayer, King Diamond and so many more.

Those are some pretty big artists. Do you have a favorite show or a favorite memory you could share with me?

The first national act we played with was Nonpoint. I ended up using the urinal next to Elias. We told each other stories. It was mind blowing to get to talk to him because I had been listening to them for a long time.

So what’s next for Hell Came Home?

We've had such an amazing year that to say we'll top it is really hard to imagine. But we are looking forward to having our song “Behind the TV Glass” played on 98.9 The Bear and to see what kind of opportunities being the house band opens up for us.

Before I let you go I wanted to talk about your next show briefly. Are you excited for The Rise of the Loser Festival...?

Yes, we definitely are...This will be our third time playing. It’s always fun to enjoy good music and drinks with friends. Since it’s all ages I get to bring my son with me to, which is always nice to do. - Indy Metal Vault


Body Bags             - Released January 29th 2016

Eve of Damnation - Released November 1st 2019




American Metal band formed in June 2013. With a raw unprecedented sound at the pinnacle of metal The music is amazing and the draw locally and regionally are huge.

HELL CAME HOME have arrived With a new kind of power and hard hitting groove not heard or felt in a very long time. 

Stay eyes wide with your ears to the ground                            Hell is coming Home

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