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This album is a versatile mix with sounds from the genres of Jazz, Raggae, Funk and Hard Rock. The songs are a guide to partying hard and having fun, but they also represent deep rooted minority interests that allows listeners to comprehend the artists beliefs, thoughts and ethical views.

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Debut Album:
Point of No Return (Spring 2006)
Eight tracks from this album can be heard on the official HellaMinik and Nine X Twelve Records websites on My Space.
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Set List

HellaMinik's set length varies anywhere from fifteen minutes to forty-five minutes. It's all original material with no song covers.
1. That's my Jam featuring Lloyd
2. HellaMinik's the Name
3. Flash
4. Raw Uncut
5. Cruisin'
6. Str8 to the Top
7. Let's Go! Featuring Lolli Pop and Nadine
8. Hate Me
9. November 22nd featuring Margeaux
10. Transform (Break Sumptin')