Hellbilly Boys

Hellbilly Boys

 Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE

Roaming out of the Scandinavian Big City wilderness comes four piece Hellbilly Boys, they are going fast; no intention of using them brakes - and they have brought their debut album. It's not country. It's not Rockabilly. It's Hellbilly.


Their music has been described as High Gain Rockabilly. And it‘s the rough climate in Scandinavia that have shaped the Men in Hellbilly Boys. Cold savage winters and dry summer nights on both sides of the Baltic Sea; throats wet from hard drink, preferably whisky, and most of the senses numbed by the pure cut power of Hellbilly soul, and sometimes beautiful women - that’s the mold their music is made in.

Real men my friend. Playing real Music. None of that cover crap that many of other so called Rockabilly bands put out. These Hellbilly’s have invested a good amount of Pride in playing their own tunes; all the way through diners, honkytonks, savage biker Fiestas and occasionally big bad ass venues. It’s their way or their high way. Seriously.

Hellbilly Boys consists of Larry, Skidi, Inge and Backis and they have been cranking out their very own style of Hellbilly music for quite some time now. They are no pigeons, oh no. They have done all of them things, and they are certainly going to do them again.

Bad knees. Loss of hearing. No humor. Nothing can stop your foot from stomping.

And stomping the terra is what They will do.


Hellbilly Boys, CD - Will be released October 20:th 2008

Set List

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