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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Metal to infinity Hellbros - Self Titled Review (Belgium)"

Originate from Canada’s capital, Ottawa Ontario, this high-energy quartet present their new/self titled album with a fist pounding force, right up into your face. Die-hard fans of Hellbros voted their debut “Goodtime Machine” as best Rock/Hard Rock effort in the 2012 Independent Music Awards, afterwards they’ve released the EP called “Calling All Giants” as the band teamed up with engineer/co Producer named Dean Hadjichristou and mixing maestro Riccardo ‘Paso’ Pasini. Formed by the ‘hell’ brothers Peter (vox, guitar) and Christian Jurt (guitar) who recruited some of their good old brothers in arms Josh Roy (drums, vox) and bassist Mat ‘Spag’ Collins.

The new album has eleven songs in promotion and right from the very first track, the hammer comes down in a merciless way. 36 minutes of kick ass Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and even Blues Rock reign supreme across the entire runtime. Hellbros like to deliver their stuff loud, wild and heavy, excellent stuff as you’d like to point your bucket of beer to the sky while screaming and shouting alongside brothers and sisters during a nightly wild party.

The strong and very energetic type of vocals add value to the entire Hellbros sound, just like the hard hitting drums and blustering bass lines but the band impresses me most of all with the melodic guitar approach (check ‘For The Worst’), quite technical. To illustrate this, I recommend to check out the song called ‘Trespassing By Night”. The accelerator pedal is firmly kicked in right from the opener ‘Street Party’ and with a song like ‘Dead City Rockers’ my mind goes out to Blues Rock specialist Michael Katon during the early days of existence. Five Horse Johnson / Halfway To Gone worshippers should try ‘Father Time’/ ‘Hate’ for some reason. ‘Kill You’ and ‘I Heart Drugs’ come on strong with a whirling pace, both tracks I truly like !

Hellbros self titled, new cut means all about hard ‘n roll music made by a bunch of unleashed rockers who clearly know how to put a smoke filled room, in a snap, into motion. This way of music allows you to let the beast go wild whilst alcoholic bottles of booze flow free until you hit the ground. Finally when the sun rises, it’s time to crawl home. Hellbros know what they want so they choose to go hard and wild and succeeded in every way. A well skilled band with the attitude of Rock’n Roll devils!

Check ‘em out at: https://hellbros.bandcamp.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/Hellbros - Metal to Infinity


With their new EP Calling All Giants, Canadian rockers, Hellbros, have followed up their 2011 album Goodtime Machine with a gloomier feeling and more consistent effort. Gone are the recklessness and wild fury of songs such as “Street Party” and in are heavier mean songs that still really rock but in a darker type way.

For some reason, Calling All Giants reminds me a lot of Newsted‘s Metal and Heavy Metal Music records with the gruff vocals from Hellbros frontman Peter Yurt having a lot of similarities to Jason Newsted‘s own rough and gruff vocal delivery, and the heavy and dark but enjoyable music on each record. If anything, Hellbros fill a nice void with Calling All Giants since Jason Newsted has sadly disappeared off the face of the earth or rather just the public eye since in or about September 15, 2014.

If you’re looking for some catchy or sing along type songs, Calling All Giants is simply the wrong record for you. However, if you’re looking for some darker well played heavy music which still rocks or if you simply miss Newsted‘s brand of heavy metal music, Calling All Giants is for you! No one likes the word “mature” in rock n’ roll but Hellbros have matured in their songwriting and come up with more complex song structures and better overall musicianship. For instance, while none of the ten tracks on Goodtime Machine clocked over four minutes, three songs out of the five on Calling All Giants clock over the four minute barrier. There are no weak tracks per say on Calling All Giants. As has become the norm these days, Hellbros released less songs and unlike Goodtime Machine, there are no dips in quality. That being said, I really enjoy the first three tracks (“I Heart Drugs”, “Father Time” and “Hate”) more than the last two on the EP. Those first three songs have more energy to them and more of a rock n’ roll feel and straightforwardness to them than the latter two.

I got to admit that when I first heard Hellbros‘ Calling All Giants, it did not make much of an impression on me but I revisited it for the purposes of this review and it has really grown on me. The songs on Calling All Giants are more complex and layered than your typical hard rock or metal release so give it a few spins and I think you’ll get hooked just like I did! Finally, I am not quite sure what to make of the EP cover but don’t let that put you off in thinking that Calling All Giants is some sort of psychedelic record because it is so much more than that. One more thing, if you are interested in picking up the EP, you should contact the band directly because it seems that you can only find the single “Father Time” through the usual purchasing channels. - Sleeze Roxx

"Album of The Year"

HELLBROS' first full length album "GOODTIME MACHINE" was voted Best Hard Rock Album of the Year by fans in the 2011 INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS. - Independent Music Awards

"Album Review / Vents Magazine"

“Good Time Machine” by Hellbros is a party-rock anthem, AC/DC influenced, rock album of the new ages. It is going to rock the socks off my generation who may not be accustomed to the styling of AC/DC, Motely Crue and Black Sabbath. Nominated for the Independent Music Awards for 2012, it is clear that the men of Hellbros know what they have been doing for the last 7 years. - Vents Magazine

"Album Review / Ottawa XPress"

On their debut Goodtime Machine, as its title suggests, the intentions of Ottawa’s Hellbros couldn’t be clearer: Have one hell of a good time and create all the while some of the most fist-pumping music the Capital has ever heard. Without ever sounding like a bad cover band, Hellbros cover all the rock ‘n’ roll bases, from the "hey-hey" chorus on the catchy Trespassing by Night, which brings to mind a coked-up Bon Jovi, to the inventive Dead City Rockers, which recalls Johnny Cash, ZZ Top and Andrew W.K., all in less than 180 seconds. Built on riffs bigger than Scotia Bank Place, most of this Machine is made of tight, vigilantly conceived, extremely well-produced, straight-up headbanger hymns. It’s in their most bizarre moments, though, as on the menacing Tombstone, that the obvious musicianship of the quartet shines the most. - Ottawa Xpress

"NOW Magazine"

Hellbros High energy punk-metal hybrid with generous lashings of absurd banter and crowd pleasing antics. - NOW Magazine

"NXNE 2011"

Unflattering and insulting, Hell Bros brazenly confronted the lifeless audience with careless abandon and unflinchingly delivered track after track with mullet-inspired awesomeness.
- Chart Attack

"Abandon All Hope"

"Once again Hellbros finished the night off with their high energy punk-metal hybrid and generous lashings off absurd banter... a typically fierce yet funny set.They always attract a dedicated coterie of fans."
- Andrew Carver (national Capital Rock

"HELLBros' love travelling salvation show"

HELLBros' love travelling salvation show



Ottawa’s first brothers of punk, HELLBROS, are bringing their particular brand of subterranean rock ‘n roll to Wasted Space June 12. A decade into playing their gritty, dirty, muddy, foul sound the HELLBROS still love to dig in deep and party like they’re 18! The four-piece have quite the reputation for their live show, mixing Alice Cooper with mid-90s’ thrash, Steven on a skateboard.
“We’re playing a dirty high-energy rock ‘n roll,” says HELLBrother Pete. “We’re more influenced by early heavy metal Sabbath, AC/DC, some Motorhead but also by ‘90s’ skate punk, the energy, the production quality resonated. I started out in skate punk and it grew into rock ‘n roll. As you get older you start going back a little bit so the influence of that, also ‘80s’ hardcore and ‘80s’ thrash metal.”
It’s a murky stew says Pete, even if they wrote a pop song it would still have the HELLBROS all over it and it would become a grimy oily mess. A fun, grimy, oily mess however.
“We have a sense of humour about what we are doing. We keep it fun. The word partyrock gets thrown around a lot, because when we play a show it’s a party” say Pete adding he is working on writing a road movie about the band as rock zombies, potentially titled Tour of the Dead. “There’s an element, its not ironic, but its kinda carefree fun zany over the top rock ‘n roll. The theatrical side of rock always appealed to me, like Alice Cooper and that sort of stuff. Its definitely infiltrated it a little bit."

Party bands can quickly become parody bands and even Cooper has had to deal with being tagged a cartoon. But if the songs are strong, if they deliver, if they live outside the showmanship then there is nothing cartoonish about the act. HELLBros subscribe to the same philosophy.
“We don’t think about it too much, we just do what we think is right and trust our instincts," says Pete. "I guess there is a fine line and we’ve talked about it. You still always want an air of professionalism. As fun and carefree and party it can be as long as you are showing up on time, practising a lot, you’ve got your shit together and you put on a hell of a show than all the other stuff doesn’t really matter. The music and the live show speaks for itself . . . you can have a spectacle on stage but you have to have the songs. That’s what Alice Cooper said in an interview, I have the songs. He’s right. He writes the best songs and we do our best to write the best songs we can.”
Those songs appear on the band’s debut full-length Good Time Machine and are available for steaming on their Bandcamp. HELLBros perform at the Wasted Space in Oshawa along with Perfect Gentlemen and the Mustard Tigers. - SLOWCITYZINE


2016 - Calling All Giants (EP)

2015 - Self Titled LP (European Release)

2011- Goodtime Machine LP

2010- Live off the Floor Demo

2006- Midnight Kill Sex EP



January 2016 - Hellbros are just getting out of the studio from recording a new single, working with recording engineer Dean Hadjichristou (who engineered a new chart topping Parkway Drive Album in 2015) and with Producer/Mixing engineer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith) "It's really cool to work with wizard like Mike Fraser, when someone like that reaches out to your band and says I love your stuff and I want to record you, it's very humbling." - Christian Jurt (Hellbros Guitarist)

Hellbros are releasing releasing a song on every 22nd of the month from January through to June. The first 4 songs are off their upcoming EP, 'Calling All Giants', before the EP is release in it's entirety. The 5th song released on June 22 will the untitled new single done with Mike Fraser.

"Calling All Giants reminds me a lot of Newsted‘s Metal andHeavy Music Metal records with the gruff vocals from Hellbros frontman Peter Jurt having a lot of similarities to Jason Newsted‘s own rough and gruff vocal delivery, and the heavy and dark but enjoyable music on each record." Olivier (Sleaze Roxx)

2015 has been a great year for the Hellbros, they signed with Bad Reputation Records (Fr) and released their 3rd album, ‘Self Titled’, on September 15th in Europe. A follow up to their debut full length album 'Goodtime Machine', which took home the fan voted best rock/hard rock album of the
year in the 2012 Independent Music Awards. They had once again teamed up with engineer and co-producer Dean Hadjichristou and mixing wizard Riccardo 'Paso' Pasini for the latest album.

The Bros have been blown away by the overwhelmingly and humbling response to the new
record, from fans to many killer reviews. “Big, brash, raw and in your face, I recommend you stop what you are doing and go and get yourself a copy right away.” – Nikk Gunns (Get Ready To rock)

The new record has the band expanding their ever evolving sound to darker, grittier territory but still rocking out "riffs bigger than Canadian Tire Center", says front man Peter Jurt. The band is hitting the road, heading to Europe to promote their new release in June of 2016.

Brothers Peter Jurt (vocals, guitar) & Christian Jurt (guitar) along with childhood friends Josh Roy (drums, vocals) and Mat 'Spag' Collins (bass, vocals) create the high-energy quartet that blast
out “loud, wild and heavy, excellent stuff as you’d like to point your bucket of beer to the sky while screaming and shouting alongside brothers and sisters during a nightly wild party" – Stefan (Metal

Straight outta Canada's capital, Ottawa Ontario, Hellbros are anything but a bunch of latte sipping civil servants. Instead they spend their time crafting loud, belligerent rock n roll with heaps of attitude. Hellbros are not a one trick pony though, offering some slower paced and at times melodic tracks but always with asense of urgency. “The first song, Street Party, instantly gives me a
party-feel. It starts of with a nice, hardrock-like ‘heeeeeell yeaaah!’,which sets the tone for almost the entirety of this album. This song is something like a summary for the rest of the album: it has the party screams, the cool riffs and the catchy chorus, nice guitar solo-work and a groove that only makes you want to party.” - Bart-Jan Duyster (Dutch Metal Maniac) Known for their unpredictable and insanely entertaining life shows, the 'Bros have extensively toured Canada and have their
sights set on Europe and the U.S.

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