Hell City

Hell City


With catchy melodies and solid rhythms, guided by a
raw siren’s call, Hell City lures you on a trip to explore
new horizons... whatever course you take...


Hell City began its journey in 2007 when two buddies
met up and decided to start making some loud music.
After releasing a ??rst EP, Here Comes The Sin, in 2009
and performing numerous gigs, the band line up
changed several times.
Anno 2012, Hell City stands stronger than ever before.
Fronted by Michelle, they combine classic hard rock,
heavy metal and stoner groove in a setting where
thoughts become real.
With the release of their critically acclaimed ??rst full
album, Demons To Rest, on Fakto Records and passage
on Graspop 2012, Hell City is ready to take on the


2009 - EP Here Comes The Sin
2012 - CD - Demons To Rest
- Track Hellacopter had international airplay
- Track Mortal Loss live video recording through Roland

Tracks can be heard athttp://soundcloud.com/hellcityband
Video watched at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gunvndzdV1g