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"Best New Metal Band!"

After sifting through many shitty new bands' profiles on myspace I found Hellfire, and I'm damn glad I did! I can honestly say that since I first heard them a few weeks ago they've become one of my absolute favorite bands. I nabbed a signed copy of 'Warnings' from them and I'd say it's one of the best, no... the best self financed debut album ever. The quality in the recording is great and there's no low point on the album. The artwork is pretty fucking neat too, as Dylan put it, 'it pays to have a graphic designer for a girlfriend'. Not only have I become a huge fan of the band, through the means of myspace I've become very good friends with them. The last few hours of my work days are usually spent preparing a good topic for my daily conversation with them. Good friends, great music... They're going far. All the way to the top! - Scott Donovan (on www.cdbaby.com)

"Why Metal Will Never Die"

This is an album that proves real metal will never die. Hellfire shows us that pure kick you in the ass music will live on forever with this track by track masterpiece. Right when I first picked this up, I was transported into the lyrics. The thrashing riffs had me picking up my guitar instantly, and the aggressive vocals had me dying to be able to belt out the notes like that. I am a producer and mixer so hearing this album from that standpoint got me all the more excited. This is put together so well. The drums are EQ'd right, and the guitars are in your face, but not too much. vocals rest in their perfectly and I hear no distortion or clip issues. Just crisp raw takes. It is shows an album of performance based. Not pro tools and looped, but real playing of the songs. Something I need to see more of! My personal favorite track would have to be Silver Bullet. The vocals remind me of an old Iron Maiden record. It's just beautiful and epic. The whole album is. I admit that I am one person that is skeptical of metal CDs that come out now a days. But I will never again judge before I hear. This album has made me believe again. Just amazing and I can't wait to hear their next release, genius guys, genius! - Sean Smith (on www.digstation.com)


Warnings - February 6th, 2009



Started in 2005/2006 by bassist/vocalist Dylan Baldwin, guitarist Harry Chriss, and drummer Ian Klamp, Hellfire has grown from a garage band into a group of dedicated and talented musicians. Hellfire gained guitar shredders Cory Tyson and Evan Hare in late 2007 and played local venues such as Northern Lights and Valentine's through 2008. In February of 2009 drummer Ian Klamp left the band due to personal issues, and Hellfire has gained a crushing new drummer, Justin Cheever in his absence.

Hellfire strives to have the most impressive and professional stage shows in the region by coupling their high energy performance with manic lighting and stage effects, an element rarely used by other local bands. Hellfire doesn't just strive for high energy and professionalism in their stage show, they push for it in their recordings as well. Their debut album 'Warnings' was released February 6th, 2009, recorded by bassist/vocalist Dylan Baldwin (who handled guitar and keyboard duties) and drummer Ian Klamp at DMS Studios in Clarksville NY. 'Warnings' took approximately 85 hours over the course of 75 weeks to track. So if you seek annihilating, desecrating, and unrelenting metal, look no further!