Harsh, Iron Maiden-esque old school metal melodies mixed with thrash aggression in the vein of early Metallica with a healthy shot of street punk intensity for good measure. Mix all that with solid, progressive (yet coherent) song structures and an ass kicking stage show, you've got Hellfire!


Started in 2005/2006 by bassist/vocalist Dylan Baldwin, guitarist Harry Chriss, and drummer Ian Klamp, Hellfire has grown from a garage band into a group of dedicated and talented musicians. Hellfire gained guitar shredders Cory Tyson and Evan Hare in late 2007 and played local venues such as Northern Lights and Valentine's through 2008. In February of 2009 drummer Ian Klamp left the band due to personal issues, and Hellfire has gained a crushing new drummer, Justin Cheever in his absence.

Hellfire strives to have the most impressive and professional stage shows in the region by coupling their high energy performance with manic lighting and stage effects, an element rarely used by other local bands. Hellfire doesn't just strive for high energy and professionalism in their stage show, they push for it in their recordings as well. Their debut album 'Warnings' was released February 6th, 2009, recorded by bassist/vocalist Dylan Baldwin (who handled guitar and keyboard duties) and drummer Ian Klamp at DMS Studios in Clarksville NY. 'Warnings' took approximately 85 hours over the course of 75 weeks to track. So if you seek annihilating, desecrating, and unrelenting metal, look no further!



Written By: Dylan Baldwin

Death is in the air, you are gonna die
There is no escape, so why even try
They control your life, they control your death
They control your moves and your every breath
They control your hope, they control your fear
Poison from above, now the end is near
Targeting your heart, targeting your soul
Nazi rise of power for total control

Then they come again, taking you away
You’ve done nothing wrong yet you still must pay
Dying for a cause, dying for a right
Next is certain death, now you all must fight
Knives and scalpels sharp cutting you away
You grow into death each and every day
Flames rise up around like a molten tomb
Your fate is your death, next is certain doom

Life turns into death, dark turns into light
Praying to your god, now’s the final night
Foreign words of hate gather in your ear
World around is fogged, now you can’t see clear
Tearing you away, ripping out your heart
You’re a bloody mess being torn apart
Screaming out in pain, why am I the one?
Flames engulf their eyes, now your life is done


Written By: Dylan Baldwin

I walk these streets a cursed man
Nothing will save me 'cause nothing can
I heal the weak, I make them well
I do all this, condemned, I’ll go to Hell
I kill all evil, I defend all pure
To fuck with the devil is asking for war
I’ve been through Hell and I’ll be there again
But I know that I won’t be there in the end

The streets at night, what once was safe
I fear the end of the human race
There is more here than meets the eye
Of my will one thousand strangers die
Now I’m cursed to try to save their souls
A passing breath, a life’s the toll
Hell rose above, Heaven ain’t there
A human city, embodied despair

It comes again, Hell comes alive
Collecting its bounty which in turn has died
He’s dressed to kill, he’ll lay down the law
A broken curse, a slave no more
An angel’s wings the price to pay
In turn I’ll live another day
Eternal pain not to endure
A broken curse, a slave no more

Silver Bullet

Written By: Dylan Baldwin

By the light of the moon, all I feel is pure doom
I can see all the fear in their eyes
I am turning again, no longer a man
On this night all my evils arise
I will soon kill again, blood shall fall with the rain
My fist and my words curse the sky
I will fight tooth and nail, to rebel no avail
My shadow stains those meant to die

I will soon meet with death, bloodlust on my breath
Abomination ascending from man
Innocence has been killed, the blood soon to spill
Mutilation soon will withstand
I can’t do this again, can’t take all the pain
Shifting figure and losing my mind
Not a thing left to do but let go, be subdued
And admit I’ve run out of time

As I lay beneath the moon
It’s coming soon, it’s drawing near
I feel the fear rise up in me
Has it all come down to this
My blessed sanity is bliss
And now the curse takes over me
Take a look into my face
A fall from grace, a price to pay
Blinding truth in light of day
Fear and madness in my eyes
A time to live and time to die
And for the light to show the way to life

The Christ I defy
My life’s been a lie
Condemned now to die
By heavenly light
I asked you to give
A life I could live
But you sent down your worst
With this chosen curse

In the heat of the sun I can see what I’ve done
I repent my vicious attack
My veins icy cold, my soul has been sold
No life to reclaim or take back
I must run with it now, must put myself down
One death for a thousand new lives
For a life worse than Hell, there’s the toll of a bell
And a time to live and to die


Written By: Dylan Baldwin

Quiet normal day, you’re living your life
Without a care on the tip of a knife
No reaper awaits to deal you your fate
Eyes to the sky before it’s too late
The moon is warning of what is to come
The sky is a message of what to be done
Concealing your fury to dwell on your fear
The heavens are parting the end is near

Open your eyes before you die
Look for the clues, he is watching you
Look to the skies before you die
Push for the truth, he is after you
Open your eyes before you die
Look for the clues, he is watching you
Look to the skies before you die
Push for the truth, oh!

The stars are ablaze now with blood soaked red
An ancestral passage of living to dead
The signs are all warning of what is now done
Ravage the furies, black out the sun
Horrified victims now litter the land
Unholy conference condemned by thy hand
The crater is filled with innocent blood
The sky was the message, but nothing was done

Open your eyes before you die
Look for the clues, he is watching you
Look to the skies before you die
Push for the truth, he is after you
Open your eyes, now you must die
You saw the clues but what did you do
Look to the skies, trust in your lies
Ravage the truth, slaughter the youth
Painfully die, die for mankind
Not just a few, they’ll die with you too
Look what you’ve done my only son
I died for you, your life is through

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Written By: Dylan Baldwin

Living to fight, fighting to live
Nothing to lose and so much to give
Run into battle, you raise up your gun
Willing to die for this war that’s begun
Nothing to bet on, nothing to gain
Winning this war, is it worth all the pain?
Burning humanity, fueling your guilt
Do you think you’re at peace with the death that you’ve dealt?

United we stand and divided we fall
Nuclear winter will cover us all
Burning and freezing and dying alone
Boiling the blood and chilling the bone.
Enemy’s fire, guns are ablaze
Living and dying for his evil ways
Screaming and yelling that cannot be heard
Now you’re dying for one single word
…that word is war!

They took you away just to say
They don’t even care
Gotta fight, gotta win
Not a soul to spare
In the darkness of night
There is no moonlight
There is death in the air
Take a look all around
At these shattered skies
All the death that you’ve seen
With your bloody eyes
Did you ever believe
In your war-scarred mind
That you’d make it alive

Fall to the earth, blood everywhere
You know you’ll die here, there’s death in the air
Grabbing you gun, shoot one last round
Killing some men as you hit the ground
Reaper now grabs you, you’re time is here
Living in honor and dying in fear
Now that you’re going you wonder why
Hold back your tears, you’re gonna die

To Live And Die

Written By: Dylan Baldwin

The hour I came from my mother’s womb
The angels wept and cried
I killed my first by my second birth
The order of God had died
On I will survive
Till the end of time
I am the one, I’m the seventh son
The antichrist by name
I have killed once, and I’ll kill again
And hate you just the same
Burn into the pain
On this final day

Your pain on the cross is but a splinter
Of what I’ve had to give
I built an army to commit my crimes
Allowing me to live
Lend me all your might
To slaughter them this night
I’ll honor you or cut through you
Depending on your creed
I’ll raise you up and hold you high
If you shall bow to me
Now your life is mine
Made to live and die

Now’s the time, hear the battle cry
Hear the sound that owns your soul
Go forth and plunder, go forth and kill
Take back the life they stole
Serve your master well
Or you shall burn in Hell
The end is near, your fate unclear
You act beyond yourself
Cause bigger than you, I’ll see it through
That I shall reap the wealth
Killing in my name
Show them all true pain

Davy Jones

Written By: Dylan Baldwin

Looking down upon the crowd I fear nothing
From the ground they call me down to change the seas
Looking down, I wear the crown my blood they crave
I’ll rob them of their dignity, condemn them as my slaves
You can’t take my life, my soul is free
Try and I defy, the world shall see
Upon my throne I spread atrocity
You’ll die soon if you wait patiently

They storm the walls, my kingdom falls into decay
They’ve waited long, their armies strong on Judgment Day
They’re dressed to kill and blood will spill for life reborn
Hell hath no fury like a nation scorned
There’s no compromise, I’ve made my stand
A new crown soon will try to tame a land
Death and despair swept across the land
Now my kingdom’s burnt and died there’s nothing to defend

Make my way down the walk…
I hear them scream…
I know they’re after me…
Nowhere to hide…
My kingdom has died…
And I hope I survive…
I flea to the sea

Going down to Davy Jones
No one will ever find your bones
The king of death, a blackened throne
The master of death shows no mercy
He’ll take your hopes and dreams at first
Taking your own life isn’t his worst
The sea has grown past tempest tossed
Your life’s worth thrown overboard

He smells your fear and tastes your pain
Growing in both fields, your life is slain
The man below reveres your name
Completely dead inside
Mefisto, hear my cry
Strip me of my worth, just let me die
My god, hear my cry
Rain down your worst, just let me die

Clash of the Titans

Written By: Dylan Baldwin

At the start of the game my friends,
There was only one
The days were peaceful, the air was clean,
No harm to anyone
Till the day they came around
And stole their legacy
Take their army of six progressions
Leave their table clean
Then they asked you to choose a side
You love them both the same
One new blood, one blood tradition
Bring pleasure, they bring pain
One can rule with iron fist
One party is subdued
One beaten down and pulverized
For this they made you choose

A new force hit the floor today
A strange wind this way blows
Another massacre this day
Their Covenant shall grow
Three giants run the blackened feud
Three players in the game
These titans rule our everyday life
The song remains the same
Expansion out the Eastern front
An army in the West
Exponential growth eternal
Put you to the test
They pull the veil over your eyes
They shield you from the truth
They tell you what you wanna hear
The slaughter now ensues

Like nothing that you’ve ever dreamt of
Like nothing ever made
Drinking from the Holy Grail
The cup that binds your brain
Enslaved now to your machine
Your little slice of Hell
No one ever gives a damn
I guess it’s just as well

Three machines that rule our lives
Three machines we crave
Three machines that once were our friends
Made back in the day
Three machines are eating our minds
Three machines creating war
These machines will get smart someday
Start back like before

They will destroy the past that you know
Come with us now, it’s your turn to show
They feed you all their poisonous lies
You’re both wrong, it’s us who shall rise
They’ll brainwash you and they’ll subdue you
They know not all the evils they do
Not the kill, but the thrill of the chase
It’s clear to all who will win this race

We’ll perish and we’ll starve alone
If we do not combine
There’s no way out, united and stand
Or divide and die
What once was three will now be one
Each dog must have his day
And in their eyes monopolize
And you still must pay!

Three machines that rule our lives
Three machines we crave
Three machines that once were our friends
Made back in the day
Three machines are eating our minds
Three machines creating war
These machines will get smart someday
Start back like before
One machine now rules our lives
One machine to play
One machine, our nemesis
The price we cannot pay
One machine has left us brainless
One machine we’ve known
One machine that we all prayed for
That now we call our own

To The Depths

Written By: Evan Hare (Music) Dylan Baldwin (Lyrics)

Since the dawn of time it’s been there
Lying death and dreaming, father long forgot
And far beneath the waves still it sleeps there
The cursed city rises, in question fear is taught

The thing lets loose a thick and infinite darkness
The poison surely means the end of us all
A hideous reality unfolding
His city and our world are doomed and both soon shall fall
To the Depths

Whichever path you now may choose
From the depths I am you
Whichever path you now may choose
In the depths I wait for you

Clawing at my mind from the inside
Fleeing from this terror through reality gone wrong
We must stay the course, we cannot fail now
Run it through, sink down to where we belong
To the Depths

Whichever path you now may choose
From the depths I call to you
In the path of the damned you choose
From the depths I come for you


Warnings - February 6th, 2009

Set List

We ask for a bare minimum of 30 minutes (not including set-up time) per set.

Our originals are:

From 'Warnings':
Silver Bullet
United We Stand, Divided We Fall (USDF)
To Live And Die
Davy Jones
Clash of the Titans

To The Depths
(More being written for next album due out 2009/2010)

Covers are as follows:
Master of Puppets - Metallica
The Trooper, Prowler (see our Myspace)- Iron Maiden
The Coming Curse- Iced Earth
Breaking The Law- Judas Priest
Black Metal- Venom
War- Burzum
Fairies Wear Boots- Black Sabbath
Helena- Misfits
God of Thunder- Kiss
We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister