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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Featured Artist@Streetblast.com"

Selected through Sonicbids to be featured artist on Streetblast.com Internet Radio. - Streetblast.com

"Featured Artist@Well-Rounded Radio"

Selected as featured artist on Well-Rounded Radio Internet Radio courtesy of Sonicbids. - Well-Rounded Radio

"Featured Artist@HomeGrownRadioNJ"

Selected as featured artist and event performer for HomegrownRadioNJ courtesy of Sonicbids. - HomeGrownRadioNJ

"Featured Artist@Evolution Promotions"

Selected to the Artist's Roster for Evolution Promotions courtesy of Sonicbids. - Evolution Promotions

"The Dark Prince of Progressive House Hath Arrived !!"

DJ Hellfyre is one of the top new DJ talents coming out of the Atlanta area. He takes you on a musical journey that you don't want to stop.

- Brendan, Owner of Django
Voted Best Dance Club in Atlanta 2005 - DJango

"DJ Hellfyre Plays Atlanta Pride"

DJ Hellfyre was selected to be the Headliner on the Q Television Stage. DJ Hellfyre will be playing one of his three hour signature house and trance sets that has been building him quite the following in the Atlanta area, so come out and enjoy some great music from one of the city's best up and coming DJs.

Head of the Atlanta Pride Selection Committee - Atlanta Pride Festival

"Hot as Hell in the Middle of Winter"

HOTlanta definitely lived up to its word !! The Official PLAYBOY Winter party kicked off with the sultry Miss December Kia Drayton as host and if that wasn't enough, one of the newest DJ Phenoms to hit the clubs, DJ Hellfyre, brought the evening to a whole new level !! With the hottest ladies shakin' it everywhere through AIKO, the hip Euro-styled club in Buckhead, DJ Hellfyre turned out The Red Room portion of the club with a blend of the sexiest house and trance that would make even the biggest of wallflowers think twice about hitting the floor. This kid is sure to make some waves on the national level.

- Kendra, Rockstar Energy Drinks Rep - Rockstar Energy Drinks & PLAYBOY


Sinister Seduction

The Hellfyre Chronicles (Canto I): The Downward Spiral - 1st release in a four CD mix set.

The Hellfyre Chronicles (Canto II): The Purgatory Sessions - 2nd release in a four CD mix set.

The Hellfyre Chronicles (Canto III): The House of Secrets - 3rd release in a four CD mix set - available now.

The Hellfyre Chronicles (Canto IV): Beyond the Witching Hour - 4th release in a four CD mix set



Behind the devil’s horns or the trademark baseball hat that you will see on Hellfyre’s head when he is spinning, there lies something even more deep and dark, not quite sinister, but not innocent either. Hellfyre’s career began spinning at parties at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and progressed to rocking venues all over the country and the world, in cities such as; San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, London (England), and Madrid (Spain). His love for underground dance music is immense and Hellfyre is truly a DJ of many styles. Hellfyre’s complexity and talent is never more evident than when you listen to one of his sets. There is one word that fits his music and that is….Spellbinding. Hellfyre’s style ranges from beautiful, melodic House Music of all genres (progressive, tech, deep, electro, funky, broken) to trance, and dubstep. No matter what the music is that Hellfyre is playing, he lures you in and before you know it, you are entangled in a web of sound that spins you around, makes you move, but does not let you go. In his current hometown of Atlanta, Hellfyre plays some of the main venues in the city, such as; Opera, Halo, Aurum Lounge, The Mark, Glenn Hotel Rooftop, Après Diem, Lava Lounge, Bazzaar, and Beyond, just to name a few.

Hellfyre has also spun at prestigious events benefitting: the Marcus Stroud Foundation (NFL), ADIDAS, the Atlanta Pride Festival, Atlanta Peach Magazine, the High Museum of Art, and the Atlanta Ballet. Hellfyre also spent several years in senior level marketing positions at companies such as; The Coca – Cola Company, General Electric, The Atlanta Bar Association, and the Atlanta Ballet. His passion and love for the music lead Hellfyre to break away from the corporate routine and forge his own path for himself and other talented DJs. Now, in addition to DJing, Hellfyre is the President of Transmission X Soundworks, a music marketing / event planning firm that also contains a DJ collective of some of the best DJ talent in the city. After only eight years on the DJ scene, Hellfyre has established himself as one of the top DJs on both a national and international level.

In 2009, Hellfyre teamed up with the incomparable and talented DJ, Anne - Tyler, one of the best lady DJs around, to form the DJ duo, DUSK TIL DAWN. This summer, 2010, the duo heads out on their first ever tour together of Portugal.

From the horns on his head, to the music that he spins, Hellfyre stuns audiences with his infectious blends of music. His friendly demeanor and energy behind the turntables is something that people enjoy and the versatility behind what he plays musically keeps everyone moving on the dance floor and coming back for more. Once you have heard one of his DJ sets, you too, will be under Hellfyre’s spell.