Madison, Wisconsin, USA

The mighty Helliphant throws down a rock ‘n’ roll horror show of epic proportions. Each player oozes with a heady mixture of musical bravado and slick showmanship, while the front man, the maniacaly charismatic Deacon Dr. Joe, brings the audience along for the hellish and hilarious ride.


Basking in sickening sulfur and demonic dissonance, Helliphant fans the flames of the pit into a rock ‘n’ roll horror show of epic proportions. Distorted strings spark the madness, frantic rhythms disturb the soul, orgiastic organs and crazed keys creep into the fray all while hell’s own pastor, the deacon of disaster, preaches the sermon of the damned. Don’t fuck with the mighty Helliphant!

From the first hit of satanic bliss, this beast just won’t stop. Each riff fumes with a fury delivered from the dark lord himself. Each tune builds upon the last, stampeding through the audience with searing solos and vicious vocals. It destroys and conquers, stomping into your town with a rage in its heart and the stench of brimstone and pain belching from its gullet.

The possessed souls that concocted this creepy potion of pain and putrescence have been haunting the region for years in bands like Uncle Eddie, echo-static, Plastic, Way off the Horse and the Skintones. They have now formed into something so sinister, so sinful, so sick, that you just have to hear the gurgling, grinding tones, see the maniacal players banging their instruments with the possessed rigor of the undead, and feel the presence of Helliphant!

So be prepared, dearest friends. You have been warned. The mighty Helliphant shows no mercy and once its let loose, it will most certainly destroy. However, those of you accustomed to basking in the rays of infernal hellfire, those prepared to face the freak inside your own soul, those equipped to take on the burning beast may just be ready for Helliphant!


Helliphant E.P. - 2006

"Another Glorious Exercise in Horror" full length CD - 2007

"Powdered Tusk" 7 song CD-2009

Set List

Open Your Mouth
Homicidal Stiffs
Powdered Tusk
Dark Surf
I Had a Hand in Your Demise
Gotta Problem
Creme de Noir
Fire (cover - Crazy World of Arthur Brown)