Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful

 Whitby, Ontario, CAN

During the aftermath of a Hello Beautiful show at Toronto's legendary live venue, The Horseshoe Tavern, the establishment's co-owner, Jeff Cohen said "The last time I saw someone play like that on this stage, it was Billy Talent, and that was like four years ago!".


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Armed with a ferocious live show that whips audiences into a frenzy, Hello Beautiful draws from their many inspirations to deliver an assault of guitars, rhymes, and melodies. This particular blend of Punk, Hip Hop, and Pop Rock was the creation of high school friends, their love of music, and an unbridled enthusiasm to make some noise.

From garage rehearsal days, to sleepless nights in the studio, to playing countless shows, Hello Beautiful are refined in the skills of rocking, and crafting songs that get you moving (and thinking). The stage is set and Hello Beautiful is ready to blow-it-away, come see it for yourselfif you dare.