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"URB rated Next 1000 Artist"

Picture a neon version of Jill Scott, or a mohawked version of Erykah Badu. Brittany Bosco is just that, a synthesis of modern electro and a soulful R&B voice. Bosco hails from Savannah, Georgia and is soon releasing her new EP called City of Nowhere. The budding pop star has been known to record her goofy antics, whether she’s shooting a video or making a radio appearance, as indicated on her Myspace page. Be sure to check out this songstress if you’re into R&B, pop, electro, soul, etc. You get it! - Vanessa Labi

"Brittany Bosco shines on debut release City of Nowhere Southern Neo-Soul Diva kicks Auto-Tuned pop stars to the curb with her fresh style"

Brittany Bosco shines on debut release City of Nowhere Southern Neo-Soul Diva kicks Auto-Tuned pop stars to the curb with her fresh style

Classically trained as a vocalist since the 7th grade, Bosco’s rich, lush voice and diverse musical influences effectively bridge the styles and eras of musical pioneers from Ella Fitzgerald to Erykah Badu. Blending neo-soul, R&B and jazz, singer Brittany Bosco’s debut release City of Nowhere cries out for the music industry to restore the diversity it once cherished. For Bosco, pop music has strayed into the City of Nowhere, a non-descript place that, while trying to please everyone, has lost the individuality that once made it special. “I want to back to that place where it was,” Bosco states. “I want to take people back there with my music.”

Culling tracks from producers across the country, including Alex Goose, Mel B and Tokyo Joe, City of Nowhere is a seamless expression of the young singer’s quest to restore heterogeneity to popular music, flowing from the pulsing, four-on-the-floor back beat of “Studio 54″ to the swooning, atmospheric “DayNight,” or from the throwback soul of “Fairytale Dream” to the experimental title track “City of Nowhere.”

The 8 songs on the EP represent almost 2 years of Bosco’s life, a project she started, then set aside. “I had to stop for awhile because I was trying to find myself and trying to develop a sound,” Bosco says. “Then I decided I’m really going to do this, and picked it back up.” Recorded and engineered by S.O.L. Essential producer/emcee Lloyd Harold at the AWOL Inc. studio in Savannah, the end result marks the arrival of one of strongest new voices to come out of the South (or anywhere) in recent years-a talented, driven young woman who eschews the Auto-Tune and reverb aided pop tracks that fill the airwaves to bring that. - Press Releases by MVREMIX URBAN

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"The Murmur"

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"Brittany Bosco Farewell"

Reviewing on moving to Atlanta to further her career in music and giving a Ep Release concert and Farewell - Savannah Tribune Newspaper

"Brittany BOsco sings with Style"

“It’s been hard to find a balance between school and music, but my heart is in both fashion and song, so it works out,” assures the SCAD student who’s been lighting up Savannah’s hip-hop scene as of late. A graduate of Jenkins High School, the down-to-earth diva trained classically as a first soprano, knowledge she says helps a lot with the free-and-easy styles of jazz and R&B. Her solo performances feature a mix of covers and originals from her forthcoming album, produced by local engineer Alex Goose. “Sometimes I’ll get inspired in the middle of the night and call him up, and I’ll have beats thirty minutes later.” Brittany began as and often still is the only woman performing with several downtown bands, and she credits those veteran musicians for encouraging her ambitions. “They put me on the scene, and gave me opportunities. I definitely have my wings now.” - jessica leigh

"Macon Camp focuses on music"

Brittany Bosco, a musician from Savannah, gives a group hug Tuesday to the teens attending the Otis Redding Singer/Songwriter Camp held at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Brittany Bosco, a musician from Savannah, signs autographs after performing Tuesday during the Otis Redding Singer/Songwriter Camp held at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. - Jenne Findian

"The GrungeCake Crisis Magazine"

Reviewing "fastlane" and describing my voice - Editor


Still working on that hot first release.



Almost without warning unheard and unseen, Brittany Bosco has created a growing revolution amongst her peers and her contemporaries in Atlanta’s growing, cultural music scene. The Savannah native took the reigns of the pulse coursing through the veins of underground music with her release of the The Spectrum EP in 2008, and has continued to ride this pulse, making it’s vibrations and sound audible to those in the mainstream industry. The recent release of her debut video, “Blues for Blue/Black & White” , as well as a string of performances on both coasts, displays Bosco’s ability to captivate audiences and break boundaries of age, genre, sex, and race. California to Chicago, New York to North Carolina, Bosco’s ability to bend genres and captivate the hearts and imagination of her multitude of supporters is evident. Within a years time, Bosco has received major media recognition, and her fan base has grown exponentially. She has no plan to stop anytime soon.

There are few things more exciting, moving, thrilling, and mind-altering than witnessing the vocal talents and showmanship displayed at a Brittany Bosco performance. The professionally trained songstress, and self-proclaimed “actress” combines these unique gifts and truly exhibits traits of the greatest entertainers of our time. Bosco’s well-rounded taste in music, which includes contemporary alternative artists as well as legends of sound from the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s, combined with her love for true showmanship has made her an unstoppable force, oozing with raw talent and charming personality.

Now, with the release of her next compilation, "The Spectrum Re-Release", followed by BLACK in the fall of 2009 Bosco and The Big Up! creative collective continue to develop the Bosco brand through innovations in both music and design. Brittany Bosco is genre-bending, thought - provoking, inspiring, quirky, passionate, and honest. A diamond in the rough, a truly authentic artist creating her own waves within a sea of mediocrity. Take a look. Take a listen. Bosco.