Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Clubfeet make music for the night time, which can also be enjoyed in the day time.


Quite possibly the Southern Hemisphere's best kept secret, Clubfeet is the holy union of five sons of Melbourne and Cape Town. Together, they create dreamy, melancholic indie-pop that sounds just as inspiring on a Monaco club floor on a Saturday night as it does on a lazy Sunday in a 1995 VW Golf soft-top cruising down the Amalfi Coast.

Forming around the turn of the decade, the five-piece are already being championed by the likes of Pitchfork (7.7), URB ('the makings of the next IT band'), Spin, Dazed, Filter, Discobelle and the like. In mid-2011, Clubfeet launched a video project (entitled Gold on Gold - in collaboration with acclaimed Sydney fashion videographer (and close friend) Alex Goddard, with monthly instalments throughout the second half of the year. Together, they curate an experimental, model sprinkled (and often NSFW) audio-visual feast.

Their tunes have been remixed by Dimitri from Paris, RAC, The C90s, Munk and Eli Escobar to name just a few, and Clubfeet have even been known to lend their remixing talents to the likes of Crystal Fighters and French Horn Rebellion on occasion.

Clubfeet make music for country clubs, crushed hearts, catwalks, casinos and convertibles. Pack an overnight Longchamp bag and jump aboard.



Gold On Gold (2010)
- Released in USA through Plant Music.
- Critically applauded by Spin, Filter, Fader, and Pitchfork (7.7), Dazed.

Edge Of Extremes (2011) - high rotation on Triple J in Australia, 35,000 views online.
Count Your Lovers (2011)
Broken Hearted (2011)
Last Words (2011) - #3 on Hype Machine chart, #1 on We Are Hunted chart, #15 on chart. 23,000 Soundcloud plays within a month.

Set List

Edge of Extremes
Cold Rain
Last Words
6 Days
Teenage Suicide
Count Your Lovers