Hello Elephant

Hello Elephant


Hello Elephant is a band of 4 quirky people with completely different musical backgrounds and countries. This mix can be felt through the songs, by the drums going tribal in Bones³, weird ghosts in Haunted Hours or failed relationships in Life Brings Luck.


Ice-skating, ghosts, weeks and weeks of music making, ambition and huge mammals along with a trip to Iceland to record their debut album at the ever so beautiful Swimming Pool Studio are some of the things that make up Hello Elephant and puts them in the top drawer as one of France biggest secret. A band beginning their musical journey to become something else, something new, something to be enjoyed alone or with good friends.

Hello Elephant, who play their own kind of haunted folk rock or music you could even call Gothic Folk with a twist, formed two years ago by Loriana Benatov (Singer and things that make rattling noises) and Adrien Regard (guitar and singer). As soon as they met they formed a striking writing partnership and with in two weeks most of the song of their debut had been born. Soon they found their songs in a need for a beat and in Jean-Marie Virginie (or just J.M.) they found the perfect drummer with lot of experience and humor to match. Few months later Skarpi Runólfsson became their bass player, and the line-up was perfected.

Influences are many and to name many, you get the picture:

Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey, The White Stripes, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, Sergueï Vassilievitch Rachmaninov, Radiohead, The Cranberries, Astonvilla, Wojciech Kilar, Frédéric Chopin, NIN, William Butler Yeats, Victor Hugo, Johnny Cash, Everlast, Ludwig van Beethoven, Bubbi, Pink, Blues, Zazie,Ani Difranco and many more...


Our first album is simply called "Exclamation Point" or !

Exclamation point is for sale in Iceland and through www.gogoyoko.com (only available in the northen countries)

Hello Elephant has done sevral interviews, including radio and news papers.

One radio interview for the National Radio station Rás 2 in Iceland and another one for KinkFm, an alternative rock radio station in Holland.

Two of the biggest news papers in Iceland have run interviews with the band, Morgunbladid in august and october and Fréttabladid in october.


and on reverbnation :


Set List

Original material for at least an hour play.

Covers vary and can go from "None of us are free" by Solomon Burke, "The Alternative" by IAMX or Elliot Smith and many others.