Hello Kavita

Hello Kavita


Hello Kavita is a 5-piece indie rock band from Denver, CO. Self-proclaimed as “modern ‘70s” music, this is the kind of band that just makes you feel happy. Mellow lyrics backed by smooth-flowing, yet upbeat indie-rock melodies. This is the kind of music that will make you want to road trip, bad.


Since the beginning of Hello Kavita in 2007, singer/guitarist Corey Teruya has always had a clear vision of where this band was going. With 70’s music on the brain and plaid shirts in style, Corey needed to assemble the best local musicians Denver had to offer. Starting with Luke Mossman on guitar and Ian Short on keyboards, Hello Kavita managed to start a buzz, do some live shows and record 2008’s “And Then We Turned Sideways”. A few months before the release of “Sideways”, bassist Jimmy Stofer and Leor Manelis on drums joined the group completing the final lineup of Hello Kavita.

HK have continually sought to explore vintage and current music, a unique combo of 1970’s style songs and 70’s style recording techniques with a indie twist. “To A Loved One”, their latest full length release has gotten the band some well deserved attention nation wide. With record sales in high demand, HK have toured up and down the west coast and are headed to the mid west in early spring. Their shows continue to captivate crowds with emotional lyrics and raw energy, relentlessly redefining themselves and their body of work.


"And Then We Turned Sideways" - 2008

"To A Loved One" - 2009

Set List

Silent Bed
Last Time
Late with the News
I'm Not
Motion in the Sun
To A Loved One