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Bristol, England, United Kingdom | SELF

Bristol, England, United Kingdom | SELF
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"Hello Lazarus - All Alliteration (Self-Release)"

It whizzes. It buzzes. Noisy and precise guitar parts are egged on by a punchy rhythm section. And a voice, moody and modern, intones, above it all, “think of the things that you wish you could
be, just like the times when you were 17”. Pop punk meets anthemic melancholy meets Guitar Hero, all the while trying to keep up with ADHD time signatures. It’d be hard to find fault with the exactitude or skill conveyed over the course of this solid debut, though the one about mortality does go on a bit. - Venue Magazine

"Hello Lazarus"

Ladies Love Liars is the new single by Bristol based band Hello Lazarus released September 16th at a launch party at The Cooler in Bristol. Than band describe themselves as English, alternative rock. I wouldn’t disagree with that as a label, but I have to say you shouldn’t see ‘alternative’ as non commercial. This band are extremely saleable.Three young good looking guys who all sing and produce a huge sound for just a drummer, guitarist and bassist.

They have a funky looking website, they dress like cool, bright young things and they cite a range of very trendy influences on their webpage. These guys have hot written all over them. A bit more hard hitting than your average indie chart effort but I can really see this band being picked up this year, get to a gig quick so you can say you did!

I have to say, I love this track and I cannot wait for the album to be released. It’s catchy, great and has resonating lyrics. Desperate, almost punky singing with nice melodies, and great backing vocals. It is a great single, those forceful, repeated, thrashing notes towards the end of the track overlaid with haunting, echoing vocals ensure you won’t forget you heard Ladies Love Liars. - Music Review Unsigned

"Hello Lazarus – Ladies Love Liars"

Love the band name, love the song title and love the track. Squawly grating guitars to throw us into the main course, a decent hook to the chorus and that continuous near (but not quite) discordant guitar row in the background. A little bit This Ain’t Vegas too and they are not from Brighton – these are all good things. 8/10 - Tasty Fanzine

"Hello Lazarus - All Alliteration"

Hello Lazarus have been giving many titles to describe them during their time; from rock to pop, to progressive to punk, and on to alternative rock. Our own Robbie Sattin described them as “An impressive look into the soul of indie rock”. I’m just going to say it depends on what track you listen to. Yes there is nothing like confusing the reader before they have got into the bulk of the review. What we have here is ‘All Alliteration’, seven tracks of goodness that you quite frankly need in your life. Hello Lazarus show that they are in perfect control of their music for the entirety of this album; creating a mix of upbeat tunes with songs that have a hint of darkness to them. This three-piece have the ability to create a cracking opening to a song that grabs your attention from the opening bars and keeps you listening on through.

Opener, ‘Helpful Hands’ goes straight for the big start; it’s a track that should be played loud with all your windows open to let the sound filter out (not a good idea when it’s pissing it down I should add). ‘Helpful Hands’ is the perfect first song as the three-piece show what a clean sound they create between them; full of directional changes, an odd crash of the cymbal in all the right places and a variety of different guitar effects. While ‘Friends, Foes and Fakes’ has what I consider a great line in it, something like, “So raise your glasses and wait for the smash”, I don’t know what it is about this line, but I pick it out every time I listen to the CD.

Injured In Indigo’ and ‘Soothsayer Say Something Sweet’ completely contrast each other, yet somehow, having a heavier song followed by a gentle number works in perfect harmony. ‘Injured In Indigo’ is all about the tight bass and drums combo, while ‘Soothsayer Say Something Sweet’ seems to bring attention to Luke’s vocals, which float from the background through the music, becoming stronger as they come to the fore. ‘Pyrite Pirates’ takes it back to being heavier with thrashy guitar and enough pounding drums from Sean to get your head nodding – I can imagine this being quite a powerful song live with them working together to increase the energy of their set.

‘Ladies Love Liars’, the bands’ previous single is probably one of the strongest tracks on this album. The song has a good, solid intro, which is backed up by distant shouts and some nice guitar work. This is complete with conflicting, thrashing guitar in the right places and energetic bass from Adam – all of which layers this song over the quick drumming. ‘Ladies Love Liars’ finishes on a tight musical outro with wails barely audible in the background. Final track ‘Digital Deity’ has a distant feel to it with the vocals sounding like they are coming through off mic – it’s an effect that really works along with the intricate guitar which weaves its way through the constant drumbeat. ‘All Alliteration’ is full of clean, crisp songs – this isn’t an album of fillers – each song has been made with the tender care that every musician should put into their music. Hello Lazarus have compiled an album that they should be very proud of themselves for. - Live Music Scene

"Between the corduroy and the leather: All Alliteration by Hello Lazarus"

Hello Lazarus may have turned up just in time to save a sinking ship. With the Indie scene turning ever more on to rustic, folksy vibes and rock bands remaining as aloof and ridiculous as ever, there seems to be a gapping hole where the vague genre of Indie Rock used to sit. Somewhere between the corduroy and the leather, the insular and the extravagant, there is a position sitting vacant; this band seems to be the ideal candidate for the job.

Effortlessly blending the melodic, often pop sensibilities of one camp with the brash, urgent drive of the other, All Alliteration is seven examples of a band really hitting their stride. Behind those very accessible vocal deliveries are often great walls of guitar noise, relentless backbeat and fantastic hooks, but it’s a testament to their use of dynamic, their song writing skills and the albums production that they don’t overstep the mark and end up in some sort of emo graveyard, they are far too switched on for that. And to balance the big numbers like Helping Hands and Injured in Indigo (do you get the pun in the title yet?) they show a different, chilled side on Soothsayer Say Something Sweet (what about now?). But even this long and hypnotic song is filled with the tricks and intricacies that make them stand out from most of their contemporaries. Even when it’s not big, it can still be clever.

They seem to be sitting in a place that was once occupied by the likes of the Icicle Works, Diesel Park West, even The Stone Roses …. not musically, but like those blasts from the pasts they form the natural bridge between things that have become divorced over the years - commerciality and earnestness; accessibility and cool, or in very basic terms between pop and rock.

In short, you can see why they are getting rave reviews, you can also see why they should be a marketing mans dream and you can hear why they should have a great future ahead of them. Two words…bloody brilliant - look, they even have me doing it now! - Green Man Music

"Blistering Debut From Noisy Bristolians"

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Bristol three-piece Hello Lazarus are box-fresh from releasing the almost universally loved single ‘Ladies Love Liars,’ and hoping to win over some shiny new fans with their debut E.P, ‘All Alliteration.’

SOUNDS LIKE: For just three guys, everything on this E.P sounds absolutely enormous, and despite the relatively rough and ready production, it sounds polished enough to make listening to ‘All Alliteration’ a pretty enjoyable experience rather than a struggle to pick out the intricacies within the melting pot of noise on offer here. Some of the lyrics and melodies sound a bit off kilter at first but perseverance with this record rewards you with epic displays of dynamism, singer Luke’s voice soaring majestically around complex song structures and subtly shifting time signatures.

Some tracks are surprisingly catchy, ‘Friends, Foes and Fakes’ could be Biffy Clyro at their best and ‘Pyrite Pirates’ is an epic sprawl of a song with rolling, urgent guitars and distorted vocals that echo into a nearly soft Foals-ish breakdown. Indeed, the particular sound of Hello Lazarus is difficult to pin down, their style can alter several times in the same track, resulting in a peculiarly schizophrenic yet tight experience. They seem to know where they’re going, but not exactly how to get there, meandering around numerous influences and genres. When it all comes together the band sound triumphant, the end of final track ‘Digital Deity’ revealing a far more ambient and experimental side to their sound. If this is an indication of the direction in which they are heading, Hello Lazarus could be a great band to watch out for.

For a first E.P, ‘All Alliteration’ is an extremely accomplished collection of tracks, hinting at exciting rumbles to emerge from Bristol. The band exude potential from every pore, your breath should be held in anticipation for what’s to come from them.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: You’re into huge noises such as those that come from Biffy Clyro, These Arms Are Snakes and The Mars Volta - Red Hot Velvet

"Hello Lazarus / Maps and Legends / I, The Lion"

I knew there was going to be no chance that I didn’t like Hello Lazarus live, after all, their album did make it into my car, and not many make it that far. They’d already warned people that the entrance music was ‘questionable at best’, but who would have expected the Walls Cornetto ice-cream music for a band to walk in on? My guesses were certainly right off the mark. A brief “Hi” from Luke, and they were off into the first track from the album, ‘Helpful Hands’. By this time, the Louisiana was heaving with people supporting them, which clearly bolstered Hello Lazarus’ confidence judging from the performance they put on. Each song was greeted with cheers, whistles and friendly banter, including shouts to cover a Lighthouse Family song after it was mentioned they were playing – embarrassingly enough that was my mate Al (yes the one who is getting himself a few mentions lately for his gig antics) who started that off.

Hello Lazarus’ live performance is much more powerful live, and they are clearly more than at home when they’re on stage. Luke’s natural vocals appeared to graze over the music, sounding on top form, working over the tight network of his guitar, Sean’s tight, rhythmic drumming, and Adam’s bass playing, which glues the sound together. Hello Lazarus is a perfect example of three guys working well together, not just as musicians, but clearly as friends. Finishing on ‘Ladies Love Liars’, this band showed why they should be taken seriously as very talented musicians. Despite their dubious choice of intro and outro music that is, as the outro music in ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ was as odd as the opener – least they showed their humour – a quality that should always be present in musicians. - Live Music Scene


"Ladies Love Liars" Single
"All Alliteration" Mini Album
"Helpful Hands" Single



Hello Lazarus are a three-piece alternative rock band from Bristol UK that have been described by online journal Green Man Music as “bloody brilliant.”

Currently playing in venues across the UK, Hello Lazarus are fighting for the exposure that will allow them to build a fan base as big as their sound. Following the successful online free release of single “Ladies Love Liars”, HL are now promoting their new mini-album release “All Alliteration”. Thirty minutes and seven tracks of hard-hitting but melodic alternative rock released both digitally and physically on the 12th of March to critical acclaim from various sources even causing Red Hot Velvet to state; “an extremely accomplished collection of tracks, hinting at exciting rumbles to emerge from Bristol. The band exudes potential from every pore; your breath should be held in anticipation for what’s to come from them.”

The trio formed from the embers of previous projects and have been quick to adapt to the dynamics of a 3-piece; streamlining their sound but refusing to compromise on their ethic and ideas. Having shared the stage with acts such as Vessels, Flood of Red, Big Scary Monster’s Shapes and InMe; Luke (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Adam (Bass/Vocals) and Sean (Drums/Vocals) have built a reputation on live performance as well as stand out recordings. “Hello Lazarus’ live performance is much more powerful, and they are clearly more than at home when they’re on stage.” – Live music Scene.

The new varied and dynamic release coupled with their energetic stage show is a statement of intent that all this is part of a longer term plan to push through to that next stage. Looking to tour not just across the UK but to further shores and take their unique brand of sonic pleasure further a field and invade and capture the hearts and minds of many more that will spend their time with them. Still gigging, writing and recording HL are working hard to ensure that they can live up to the billing given to them by Music Review Unsigned: “These guys have hot written all over them.”