Hello Spencer

Hello Spencer


Hello Spencer fuses interesting, proficient rock with catchy, attractive melodies. What more could you ask for?


Hello Spencer is: Five Recording Industry students who met in pursuit of one common purpose, to create new and refreshing independent rock music. With quality musicianship and industry knowledge at the forefront, Hello Spencer is physical proof that practice and hard work breeds reward. Their first EP “Might as Well Wait” is proof of their undying love and passion for music’s boundless opportunities. From the first chord to the last, their unique and proficient musicianship makes listening interesting, and their appealing riffs and melodies provide a sense of connection. Some fans compare them to the likings of Mute Math and Minus the Bear, but upon listening, one identity shines true, that Hello Spencer can offer the music industry a fresh perspective in a time of great pollution.


"Might as Well Wait" EP-2009

Set List

Depending on how much time is offered or certain needs that the venue wants them to fulfill, Hello Spencer's set can range anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. An average set is about 45 minutes in length and consists of original songs: Hal Newman, Compromised Time, Look at Her, OP Organ, Footrace, My Ears Don't Work, In Ruins, 5 over 4 and Backstep to name a few. Hello Spencer has been known to put interesting twists on songs by: The Roots, Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, and Neil Diamond, and if needed, can put a lengthy cover repertoire together.