Hello Time Travel

Hello Time Travel


Hello Time Travel is a one person "band", centering around piano and voice. I have always listened to rock and alternative and I love to play 19th century romantic piano music (eg, Liszt, Sibelius, Debussy, etc). My music turned out to be somewhat of a combination of the two genres.


When writing, I try to creating music between genres. The music combines the ambiguous tempos, dramatic dynamic changes, and programmatic elements of romantic music with the occasionally unpleasant subject matter and plain-spoken declamation of rock.


EP: "Quiet Defiant" Self-released, 2012

Set List

Underground (3:11)
Big Shot (3:36)
Human (3:33)
The Coast (4:03)
Should've (3:40)
Fake (4:34)
Lowest of the Low (3:54)
Something sweet (3:33)