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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Cherry interviewed by Riceburner Fm!"

RiceburnerFM: You tweeted recently, “Searching for a inspiration to a new album … give me wings onegaishimasu”. How goes that search? Have you gotten your wings yet? Describe your creative process.

Cherry Sickbeat: Life sometimes can become very boring and people need music, including me! So I feel I need a change in my body, in my mind or attitude, to be able to have a new vision maybe a new song. Sometimes a deep kind of pain can translate into words, so I seek an atmosphere on the guitar then I get closer to what I´m looking for. I think that female musicians can do that very well! Specially with wings !
Check out! - RiceBurnerFm.com

"Serpenth guest appearence on the album of Hellsakura!"

BELPHEGOR bassist Serpenth makes a guest appearance (on lead guitar!...Check out! - Blabbermouth.net

""Blood To Water" CD"

Check out the review of our CD released by Tumba Recs Br.
- Whiplash Web Site


Hellsakura & Kamisori (JP) Split CD via Karasu Killer (JP)/Ataque Frontal (BR).

Sakura Fubuki - CD via Karasu Killer (JP)

Blood To Water - CD via Tumba Recs (BR)

You can listen some samples:



Hellsakura "Blood to Water" CD By Tumba Recs

After releasing their new album 'Blood To Water" via Tumba Recs.Hellsakura released a trailer from work!
"We want people to know more about our new album and, of course, hope they will like it! " says lead singer Cherry Taketani

To watch the trailer:

The new digipak material was released in Brazil by Tumba Records and features 10 songs plus special appearances by big names of extreme music like Serpenth/Belphegor and Donida /Enterro .
Marcello Pompeu (Korzus) and Cherry were responsible for the production, Heros Trench (Korzus) for mixing and mastering and the art cover was done by bass player Napalm.

Hellsakura has played with bands like : Morbid Angel (Usa),Belphegor(Au),Ragnarok(No),The Donnas (Usa),The Exploited (Uk),Darge (Jp),Kamisori(Jp),Vivisick(Jp),The Exumer (De),Artllery(De),Agrotoxico (Br)among others..
We love to make gigs with a lot of cool bands around this world!
Hope see you on tour!