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Hell Society

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Show Review"

When I saw this band setting up their stage and props, I just knew I was going to be in for one wild ride. The entire band was made up in full facial make-up and costuming that looked more like a Halloween show than a rock show. I couldn't have been more stoked.

As a photographer, I have a craving for the visual. Hell Society filled that craving and then some. Their stage was adorned with monsters and horrific decor that made me feel like I was in a haunted house.

As the lights dimmed, singer Kelly McGill played a somber tune on the bagpipes before launching into Hell Society's set of modern progressive industrial metal. The show only got better from there despite numerous technical difficulties with the club's sound gear. The band delivered a blistering performance of energized music that seemed to be a mutant hybrid crossing of Marilyn Manson, and Bruce Dickenson.

Hell Society is Clint Montgomery on guitar, Kelly McGill on lead vocals and bagpipes, Timothy Edward on bass and backing vocals, and Adam Christensen as the live percussionist.

This band is one of my new favorites. Check them out at myspace.com/hellsociety1. I think you just may be a convert. - Keith Pixx-DFW Noise


”Hell Society” 2003 Demo
Produced by Timothy Edward and Clint Montgomery, Recorded at The Cabin Studio, Sherman, Texas released FEBRUARY 2003. *Limited production on Slob Donkey Records.

"The Binding" 2007 EP
Produced by David Rowell, Recorded at Estudios de tres culos, Sherman, Texas and released in JUNE 2007. *Limited production on Slob Donkey Records

2008 “Sedate the World”
Produced by David Rowell, Recorded at Estudios de tres culos, Sherman, Texas and released OCTOBER 2008 on Slob Donkey Records.



A group of highly talented artists from the U.S., Hear for yourself!

Their sound is rooted in heavy metal driving full speed into a head on collision of melodic vocals, pounding bass, and haunting synths. The songs spew uncontrollably in the best ultra-modern heavy metal tradition! With speedy riffs, sophistication and a styling dredged from the depths of darkness, those pounding beats will get into your head and refuse to leave - THIS HYBRID KILLS!!

Influenced by a multitude of genres, and some of the greatest bands of the past (Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden), they are also influenced by ultra-modern techno / industrial bands (Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie) that give them a unique edge and style that is truly amazing! Using a wide range of eerie yet stylish synths, pulverizing beats coupled with vocal performances ranging somewhere between Bruce Dickenson and Marilyn Manson, and ultimately packaged inside some of the heaviest metal guitar riffs this side of the world, they are blazing a trail and taking industrial metal to a new level! Hell Society has a style that is definitely their own.

Timothy Edward came up with the concept for this group back in 1997 while in between projects. In its beginnings, Hell Society progressed to the semi final round of the 1997 Musician Magazine “Best Unsigned Band” contest. Since inception, Hell Society has grown, progressed, and reinvented itself to what you see today!

The new era began 2006, where they teamed up with experienced front man Kelly McGill
and began working on their first official release. Since that time, Hell Society has been hitting the road, playing show dates all over North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Hell Society completed 31 show dates in 2008, and saw their first official release become a reality!

You want truth, here it is!

Listen, Learn, and Understand the hell that is society !!!!