Hellsongs is the softest metal band ever, re-packaging the old classics in totally new clothes. With love and passion they pay loads of tribute and show that both lyrics and music are highly underestimade when it comes to the golden era of metal. Album out now in the US by Minty Fresh.


For a long time heavy metal revolved around one question only: Who is hard, who is harder, and who is the hardest. Finally, metal went to extremes in its attempts to generate more power. “How can we one-up that”, thought the Swedish trio Hellsongs. “Meanwhile, the hardest and most courageous style in heavy metal is to play soft”, claims Kalle Karlson, guitarist of candy-floss rockers Hellsongs from Gothenburg. The opposite of a deafening metal barrage is laid-back lounge music. Discovering slowness in metal reveals a charming surprise. Effortlessly the songs drift towards the refrain, thereby pleasantly enabling the listener to clearly understand the often deep lyrics. The Hellsongs debut album “Hymns In The Key Of 666“ will give you a totally new image of what metal is all about!

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Lounge Ep, 2006.
Hymns in the key of 666, 2008 (most parts of the world), November 2009 (USA by Minty Fresh).
Pieces of Heaven, a glimpse of Hell (september 2009).

Set List

Typical set, 1 - 1,5 hour.
Typical set list:
1. The evil that men do
2. Seek & Destroy
3. Running Free
4. Warpigs
5. Seasons in the Abyss
6. Symphony of Destruction
7. We´re not gonna take it
8. Paranoid.
9. Sin City
10. Losers & Winners
11. Thunderstruck
12. Run to the Hills