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"for the recording of the song Notherland"

INteresting vocal work. Sounds a lot like beck, which I like. Production could be better. It's got a good feel however. The levels in mixing seem to be off a touch. I like this still though.
- fingered

How odd...
Who do you sound like?...the cake and the sea?..actualy probably not, ive heard one song from them a year ago and im basing that comparison on that one instance, but what else do i have to do, right?
- G_kosher
Wichita, Kansas

Original sound...
I'd switch out of the verse a little bit quicker -- it gets somewhat repetitve. Vocals sound pretty good, but they're hidden behind what doubling/tripling up and possibly other effects. I'd recommend removing some of those effects, and bringing up the vocals in the mix. but i do like the doubling effect. Production-wise it needs some tightening up to make the song more concise, and to bring out the hooks more. More/other instrumentation would be a nice addition. More parts would be nice too, right now its just AB. Sounds like... smashing pumpkins a little bit? pretty original sound. nice job.
- dkoh
Los Angeles, California

Im curious why you asked about that, its pretty bad
The vocals are good they catch my attention
the gutair riff is okay
there seems to be a fog though

you sound a bit like the beatles
- Sakredmezur
Stuart, Florida

the sound is hollow
work on the sound. Its too hollow sounding. It good be good, but needs a LOT of work.
- dropindownside
Lake Oswego, Oregon

oh cool
i'm impressed. The guitars are a bit too fuzzy for me but that cool. I like the vocals. Production could use a bit sprucing. Keep it up. I wonder what the rest of your stuff sounds like.
- fig1

What production?
The production on this is horrible--sounds like a bad audience recording at a show. Are there drums at all? All I hear are guitars and bass, with a bit of vocals (which I can't comment on, since they're so quiet). Who do you sound like? Any band I mistakenly dropped $20 on a bad bootleg for.
- oskarmatzerath
Nashville, Tennessee

Talented Group
You guys have some real talent.
Re: Production -- sounds pretty muffled, but much better than most tracks i encounter here on gb.com
Re: Vocals -- Solid. Rarely off key, smooth.

Overall i liked this song but found it a little repetative.
- iamnotarock
San Luis Obispo, California

I think that i may have reviewed a song by this band, or a band much like it, but this one leaves the former behind.

This song is EPIC. Oh wow. Where to start. The production reminds me a ton of the Elephant 6 bands, along with the psychadelic sounds and all that.

The guitar hit during the prechorus is SOOOO cool.

Loved this entire song.
- TheQ
Carlsbad, California

production sounds really bad. the vocals sound muffled. actually the sound of the song sounds muffled. three words guys. ... cool edit pro ... levels are high to at times. i like the feel and the whole jammin vibe. but as far as record ready. no. good for a demo though i guess. ryan echaus. piece
- RyanE
Coral Springs, Florida

goodddddd, 80´s
yeah remind a 80´s style nice guitars work, the vocals so good and has a good style, great bass line, production so good, nice job
- BoomBabies
San Marcos, California

Sonic Youthers. Good stuff.
Really like this one. The obvious Sonic Youth comparison is there. I love the guitars and how the keyboards wrestle with them. Was kind of dissapointed by the chorus -- but that's not neccesarily a dis because the bar was set pretty high with the excellent verse.
- Spin4000
Atlanta, Georgia

this is a cool song with lots of spacey sounds. the vocals are arranged well, and I like the way they move with the guitar. production is good, but I'd like to hear a little less guitar, and more drums and vocals. sounds ALOT like Poster Children.
- SmallPrint
Claymont, Delaware
Totally Dig This!!!
This is like the best Love and Rockets song they never made. This is totally the kind of music I love, so I'm biased. This friggin' rocks!!! Sounds great: vocals, production, all. Give me more!
- Brainspoon
Westlake Village, California

There's some pretty good original guitar work going on here - not excessively overplayed but still very effective in creating a unique fat-fuzz sound. Definitely worth a relisten.

I dig the unusual opening and the way it gets straight into it. The vox is nice and laid back - definitely appealing - I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on the lyrics - they don't deal with anything particularly original or standout but they fit in really well with the music and are quite listenable. I think I'd like to hear more of this band...
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

- Garageband


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Influenced by anything that is stimulating, intellectually and soulfully. I'm not much different, but have my own quirky twist on things. I haven't played live often, but those shows kicked arse.