Electric New wave. Drum machines and electric guitars. Sweet voice. Simple music for complicated people.


Hellvar started in 2004 when founding members Heida and Elvar moved to
Berlin as philosophy students. Armed with an electric guitar and a drum
machine the two philosophers were forced to book gigs as the student loans
from Iceland were not giving them the financial security they were
designed to do. Heida and Elvar took material written for their more
traditional Icelandic rock band and rearranged it for the Drum machine.
Elvar describes the music of Hellvar as drum-machines and electric guitars.
Heida doesn't want to describe it, and said: ,,Just come to a gig". In
early 2007 the band grew from a 2 piece to a quartet when the child prodigy
Alexandra was given guitar duties and the bass virtuoso Sverrir was added
to the lineup. Together the two boys and two girls stir up a coctail from
electronica to new-wave with a twist of lime. The band released their first
album "Bat out of Hellvar" in the end of 2007 and they have been touring
Europe, America and Asia entertaining both the younger and older generations of
the free mind, from all continents.


"Bat out of Hellvar" CD 2007
"Hellvar ekki Helvar" CD/Art-installation. Limited edition 2005

Set List

Hellvar gigs run for about 45.min. We play most of the album 'Bat out of Hellvar' and new unreleased material. We adapt easily to various venues and/or Clubs.