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Lowell, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
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Boston five-piece Hell Within find themselves riding firmly atop the current wave of melodic metalcore bands, and their label debut on Lifeforce Records leaves little wonder as to what to expect. Take five New England metalheads, sign them to a German melodic metal label, and put them in a Massachusetts studio with metalcore veteran Zeuss at the console and there's not much guesswork involved in the final product. Thankfully, while Hell Awaits aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before, they at least do it well. This is aggressive, brutal, melodic metalcore, straight up and done right.

Following the most recent trend in the melodic hardcore scene, Hell Awaits opt for a more technical metal sound by using prominently triggered kick drums and adding more edge to the guitar tones. The band uses these elements to their advantage, playing pummeling riff-heavy tunes that feature plenty of sharp double-bass accents and rolls, with the twin guitars keeping up with fast-twitch right-hand rhythms in between requisite parallel harmony leads. The rough vocals are a bit blacker than normal, similar to Caliban. The music is the usual blend of Slayer, In Flames, and Hatebreed, with good use of emo-ish vocal harmonies for added effect. Plenty of mid-tempo breakdowns and skillful wah-inflected solos are present, along with everything else that has made this style so popular lately.

For what it is, this is a thoroughly satisfying release in every way, displaying thrilling energy and passion. The playing is tight and aggressive, the riffs are catchy and muscular, and the melodies are engaging and well-constructed. Unfortunately, the merits of this disc are likely to be overlooked in light of the innumerable metalcore bands being signed today, many of whom are likewise aggressive, catchy, and engaging. Hell Awaits have mastered everything that makes the genre so appealing, but have little to distinguish themselves from the next American metalcore outfit. The genre shows signs of wearing itself out, but until that happens, this release comes with my full recommendation.

Similar to: insert recently signed metalcore band here, especially Caliban, As I Lay Dying
- www.666metal.com


Hell Within - Asylum Of The Human Predator
With Boston, MA still serving as ground zero for metalcore in 2005 it's no surprise that a band as talented as Hell Within call the city home. Hell Within has managed to strike the nail on the head with the stunning display of contemporary metal prowess that is "Asylum Of The Human Predator".

Much like their peers in All That Remains and Shadows Fall, Hell Within filter the classic thrash sound and tailor it to their own means. But in addition, these boys also latch onto the tough guy metalcore tenacity of Hatebreed and douse it with enough shovel loads of Scandinavian death metal influence to bury an elephant graveyard. Shredding guitars, cacophonous vocals, a mauling of double-kick powered drumming and a momentum that refuses to let up are all key strengths of the band. As are the whirring solos and sporadic melodic vocals that are infused with enough heart to avoid sounding as though they are being belted out by a ratty bar band.

In terms of brutality and invigoration alone the band achieve great results. Their refined writing ability makes for modern metal that is sharp and furious with control and recklessness both exercised in equal parts. Of course, given the saturation of everything that is Massachusetts and metalcore, this album has had some of its thunder stolen. But by relying on a brute force approach that draws more from savage death metal than savvy commercial underpinnings, Hell Within have crafted an opus as depraved and eye-opening as its title sounds.

(4 / 5)
- wookubus


Germany's Lifeforce Records has been on a roll this past year or so, quickly becoming one of the world's premier metalcore labels. Lifeforce has released a slew of quality albums by bands like CIPHER SYSTEM, DEADSOIL, BY NIGHT, and HEROD. If you can't get enough of groups that love to mix hardcore with death and thrash metal, and top it all off with a generous helping of melody, then you may have found your new favorite label. (No, I don't work for Lifeforce; I'm just trying to segue here).

Admittedly, I'm not crazy about albums on the label that feature too much in the way of "emo" crooning, but that's a matter of personal taste. I've always preferred the manner in which a band like GOD FORBID (specifically on "Gone Forever") utilizes vocal melodies than, say, any number of Trustkill bands, which brings me to HELL WITHIN's "Asylum of the Human Predator". The Boston quintet's selective use of clean vocals on most of the tracks works surprisingly well. When Matt McChesney isn't shrieking his guts out (often reminding me of Randy Blythe), he manages to switch gears without killing the vibe, a few awkward passages notwithstanding. Now that I've beaten the vocal thing to death, we can move on.

Let's face it, there are tons of bands playing this thrashy style of metalcore, so the big question concerns whether HELL WITHIN (formerly TWYTCH) should move to the upper half of your shopping list. After thoroughly enjoying 10 aggressive tracks played with conviction and delivered in a tight package, I'd have to answer in the affirmative. Stylistically, I can hear elements of everyone from LAMB OF GOD (the tightly wound and choppy riffing) to ALL THAT REMAINS (good balance of caustic delivery and melody). While I tend to prefer the tracks that rip all the way through without a melodic break (the AT THE GATES style of "Soul Revulsion", for example), there weren't any tunes that had me reaching for the "skip" button. The title track is a prime example of a song in which the band strikes the perfect balance between mouth-foaming rage and smooth melody. HELL WITHIN doesn't venture too far off the beaten path, but the occasional composition twists are well timed and effective. For instance, the hardcore gang shouts that surface toward the latter part of "Merchants of the Blood Trade" are a pleasant surprise. A smattering of guitar solos works to break up the arrangements as well.

No grand statement of genre expansion is made on "Asylum of the Human Predator". Regardless, HELL WITHIN has managed to add melody without watering down the aggression. If you're already a fan of many of the acts on the Lifeforce roster (or the Trustkill and Victory labels for that matter), then you'll most certainly want to check out "Asylum of the Human Predator".
- Scott Alisoglu


Hell Within represents the heavy side of Lifeforce Records. This brutal metalcore band was formed in Lowell, MA by five friends. Hell Within´s path has continued and they have released 2 CD´s before their upcoming new album "Asylum Of The Human Predator". Hell Within has shared the stage with a lot of national acts like Hatebreed , Shadows Fall and Diecast and gained good reputation in the metalcore scene. Hell Within is a unique mixture of brutal and agressive vocals added to violent guitars. They are like trash metal and metalcore mixed together. Vocalists Matt McChesney has very agressive way to sing and when you add this vocalist to hell breaking drumming, the result will rip your heart away from your chest and you will hear a lot of pure rage.

"Asylum Of The Human Predator" includes 10 songs that are mixed by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall). The album was recorded in Prism Sound with the producer John Ellis (Tribe Of Judah, Godsmack). The album is mastered by Alan Douches (God Forbid and Unearth) which shows that the band has done co-operation with great people while creating this talented album. Hell Within´s debut album contains rage and agression that could be compared to Hatebreed´s previous releases. I suggest that people should take a listen to songs "Asylum Of The Human Predator" because it is one of the most melodic songs in the album and it has that somekind of magical touch that impresses me. Another hit track is "Bleeding Me Black" which has those dark lyrics that are just blast. Every single song is great and you can´t mention any worse song in this album so I bet everyone who listens to this album will found their own personal favourite.

"Asylum Of The Human Predator" will be released on 19th of April 2005 through Lifeforce Records. I recommend this release to all the fans of metalcore. Be prepared to get crushed by this metal hammer! - : Arto Mäenpää


Hell Within, hailing from Boston Mass., is a balls out metal/hardcore band that immediately made an impact on the local metal scene. Formed in 1998, these guys are hardly noobs, having already shared the stage with established bands such as Hatebreed and Shadows Fall.

The album starts off with a stealth facial in “Godspeed to Your Death Bed”, which immediately blows you away with fast double bass and catchy Jon Schaffer-esque riffing. Matt McChesney on vocals employs a sort Randy Blythe type voice, just a bit darker, which sounds excellent. Although, I’m not too pleased with the clean whiny type vocals they use in their punk breakdowns, which is only a minor setback in the end though.

The album keeps chugging along nicely with every song worthy of mention. I am very pleased with the guitar work of Isaias Martinez and Tony Zimmerman on this album, with no shortage of riffs, harmony, leads, and the occasional Slayer shred solo. The drumming of Brain “Bubba” Joice is excellent, with perfectly timed double bass and overall great drumbeats.

“Asylum of the Human Predator” is overall a very strong album with no need for the listener to use the skip button. Hell Within clearly shows their many influences, and has much to offer for every listener. Whether you’re into hardcore, thrash, punk, or just plain metal, you will definitely enjoy this album. I’m sure they’d put on an epic live show, as this album is full of energy. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on this band.

- Eric Thomas


Hell Within's Asylum Of The Human Predator is a sadistic, technical and uncompromising opus to the pissed-off victims of everyday life. Operating somewhere between death metal, thrash metal and hardcore, Hell Within have crafted a piece of metal mayhem capable of impressing even the most devoted metal fan.

Hell Within can easily hang with the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan and Destroyer 666, as well as Slayer, without missing a beat. Their technical prowess is as awe inspiring as any band playing today. Their stylistic approach is straightforward and furious without being monotonous.

I had the chance to interview these hellions. They are polite and well mannered as well as intelligent and down-to-earth. I expected to interview hot-tempered meatheads and I got clever, considerate teddy bears that just happen to play death metal.

Overall, Hell Within's latest effort is as bone-crushing an album as you can buy these days and anyone with a proclivity for slam dancing and head banging will thoroughly enjoy this tooth-gnashing ogre of a record.

The title track is among the more technically impressive and vocally diverse tracks on the album; ranging from almost catchy vocal stylings (reminiscent of their more corporate counterparts) to a variety of adaptations of the death metal genre. You should buy this album if, and only if, you rock harder than most.
- Jefferson Davis


Jordy: The five band members of Hell Within are angry. Very angry... Extremely angry! In the past this band operated under the name Twytch and they released an album and an EP. But a while ago they decided to change the bands name and the musical direction became more brutal and technical. The first act under this new course is the release of the record 'Asylum Of The Human Predator'. And Hell Within is ready to crush us all. On the 10 tracks of this album the listener gets smacked in the face very hard and 'brutality' is being redefined. With influences that vary from straight-edge hardcore to old schoool thrash and some parts that sond a lot like twisted death metal.

The band takes every chance it gets to show us how you create a pulverizing record. And the funniest thing is that they never get bored and that you're still able to listen to it without going completely insane. No over the edge screaming or technical parts that sound annoying. No, this truly sounds great! Of course Lifeforce Records is the label that will take care of the release of this record. And, as usual, the company has succeeded in finding a band that's searching for the boundaries of the hardcore scene. And it isn't a bad thing to do that, I guess. 'Asylum Of The Human Predator' is a hard, but listenable, record. Like it should be!
- www.lordsofmetal.nl


Slayer fans must take note of New England�s Hell Within because these guys are exactly how I remember the kings of Thrash before they broke big. A little bit of Hardcore, a little bit of Extreme Thrash, and a lot of Metal attitude is what they bring to the table. Where bands like Sworn Enemy and Hatebreed seem to be more rooted in the Hardcore thick of things, Hell Within take that same energy and beef it up a notch or two with hints of Shadows Fall and Chimiara. Ironically, the album was mixed by Zeuss who also recorded monumental albums by many of the bands listed here. Vocal style ranges from Death Metal to Hardcore with a few surprising melodic moments that might even be considered Emo by some standards, but nothing like the commercial versions we�re being hit with these days. This is a brilliant album that will surely take the Metal world by storm if enough people know to look for it on April 19th when it hits stores worldwide. Favorite tracks include �Bleeding Me Black�, �Redemption�Is A Cold Body�, �Self-Inflicted Silence�, �Swallow The Stitches�, and the shredding lead-off track �Godspeed To Your Deathbed�. Brutal, Abrasive, and technically breathtaking, Asylum Of The Human Predator should make Metal fans extremely happy while Hardcore fans will simply have to sit up and take note. Very Highly Recommended!!!
27 Mar 2005 by Bam-Bam

- Bam-Bam


Hell Within is a very interesting metalcore band from Boston. They signed to German label Lifeforce Records who have, without doubt, done an amazing job promoting them. I really hope they're going to achieve the success they're aiming, and given the powerful music presented on Asylum of the Human Predator, Hell Within is onto something here.

I'm not really into this type of music, but I still like what I hear on this album. Hell Within reminds me of a cross between later periods of bands like Slayer, In Flames and Shadows Fall. There is also a certain Hatebreed influence to be heard on the more "modern" sounding tunes, such as "Redemption... is a Cold Body" and "Self-Inflected Silence", but I have to mention that Hell Within's vocalist easily blows the Hatebreed singer away. Matt McChesney reminds me of earlier Dark Tranquillity when he does his impressive brutal screams; he is also certainly akin to the singer from Shadows Fall, in the way he constantly changes from harsh to clean singing.

"Godspeed to Your Deathbed" is perhaps the most powerful song on the record. It features neck-breaking riffs with hooks, extremely angry growls that sporadically give way to regular singing, and a nice guitar solo. You got it right -- Hell Within isn't your typical hardcore band; they play nifty guitar solos whose tone is highly melodic and smooth. Guitarists Isaias Martinez and Tony Zimmerman are a solid duo; they play thrashy rhythms as well as fluid guitar solos. The opening riff of "Bleeding Me Black" and the gripping melody of "Open Your Eyes to Open Wounds" are simply mesmerizing -- especially for a metalcore band. Special mention goes to drummer Brian Joyce who will leave you speechless when you hear the drum solo on "Soul Revulsion" or the fantastic kick-drums that pounder like a machine gun on "Merchants of the Blood Trade". Joe Martinez is always there to complement the rhythms with his highly accented double bass plodding along and keeping the songs groovy throughout.

Hell Within is one of those bands that is going to draw the attention of metalcore fans, if they are interested in exploring music with more depth and better songwriting skills. I for one would never look back to the same ol' same ol' metalcore bands out there if more acts like Hell Within were around.

- Murat Batmaz


Time for another installment of "loose what's left of your hearing" courtesy of LifeForce Records and Lowell, MA's own Hell Within! This 5 piece merchant of menace is comprised of Isaias Martinez (guitar), Brian "Bubba" Joyce (drums), Tony Zimmerman (guitar), Matt McChesney (vocals), and Joe "The Ham" Martinez (bass). Wasting no time at all, "Godspeed To Your Deathbed" leads off their LifeForce Records debut, "Asylum Of THe Human Predator" with a nuclear sized explosion, setting the bar rather high for the rest of the album. "Bleeding Me Back" serves as the solid "bridge the gap" track that is an absolute necessity to carry the album into the real meat of the effort. "Redemption...Is A Cold Baby" trudges along with a roughly blended chorus of both smooth and rough vocals. "Merchants Of The Blood Trade" hauls back the pace a bit but is just as punishing as the previous tracks. "A World To Murder" again mixes the smooth and rough vocals on this trudge along track that's sure to garner more than it's share of crowd sing-a-longs and kids in the pit. "Self-Inflicted Silence" continues the charge with a relentless drum line before McChesney gets to warm his pipes again on the album's title track "Asylum Of The Human Predator". There's also several ferocious breakdowns that will be sure to stir another frenzy up in the live setting. You'd swear Animal just morphed himself into Bubba Joyce on the drums as the monstrous intro to "Soul Revulsion" bleeds forth and eventually into the rest of the band. "Swallow The Stitches" really comes at you with everything it's got! 4 solid structural changes within the first minute will have your mind scrambled looking for the entry into the real meat and potatoes of the song but it REALLY takes a sharp left when the clean vocal leads things off around the 46 second mark. Everything comes to an end one way or another and this album is no different. "Open Eyes To Open Wounds" serves up a final 4.48 of brutality before coming to a quick end. It's loud, it's rude, it's obnoxious, it's in your face and you won't be able to get enough of it! It's Hell Within's LifeForce debut. Check it out! For all the latest news and info check out the Hell Within website at http://www.hellwithin.com/.

- Anthony Pagano







Hell Within started in 2002 with five musicians whose only concern was making heavy and aggressive metal. It took the band 2 years of playing the local Massachusetts circuit and self financed east coast tours for Hell Within to get the attention of previous record label Lifeforce Records.

Hell Within signed with their 1st record label in July of 2004 and started the writing process for their debut album. The band hit the studio in November of 2004 with producer John Ellis of Prism Sound (Godsmack, Tribe Of Judah) to record the album. Once the recording was complete the album was brought to Zeuss (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Madball) at Planet Z studios for mixing. Alan Douches (Unearth, God Forbid, From Autumn To Ashes) of West Westside Studio took the driver's seat of mastering the album. Lastly, Mario Gaza at Robot Plague (Suicide Silence, He Is Legend) designed the artwork and the album was ready for release. The band's debut album "Asylum of the Human Predator" was released worldwide in April of 2005. Once the album hit the streets the band set off non-stop touring in support of their new effort.

Hell Within participated in 3 full U.S. tours and 5 east coast tours. Touring with such bands as Manntis (Century Media), God Dethroned (Metal Blade), Nightrage (Century Media/ Lifeforce Records), Thine Eyes Bleed (The End Records), Byzantine (Prosthetic Records), The Autumn Offering (Victory Records), The Human Abstract (Hopeless Records), etc.

On an intermission during all the rigorous touring Hell Within enlisted the talent of Ian McFarland (Messuggah, Agnostic Front, Cannae) of Killswitch Productions to shoot the first music video. Ian and Hell Within decided that "Bleeding me Black" from "Asylum of the Human Predator" was the best candidate for the video. The video hit the air waves in the spring of 2006.

After the tour cycle for "Asylum of the Human Predator" ended, the band returned to the rehearsal room to start writing their sophomore release. Hell Within worked on the album for 5 months and then hit the studio yet again with producer John Ellis. Once the tracking of the album was complete, it was time to mix the new offering. Hell Within took the new record to well known engineers Mark Lewis and Jason Suecoff at Audio Hammer Studios (Trivium, All That Remains, God Forbid, etc) to mix the yet untitled release. Lastly, Hell Within's new record made its last stop at Morris Sound to be mastered by Tom Morris (Iced Earth, Kreator, Marilyn Manson). Once the audio production was complete, the band contacted Paul Romano (Mastadon, Trivium, etc...) to put the finishing touches on the album by designing the artwork.

Hell Within's new album "Shadows of Vanity" hit the streets in May of 2007 and was very well received by fans. Yet again it was time for the band to hit the road in support of the album. Hell Within supported their new effort with 3 full U.S. tours and 3 East coast tours since "Shadows of Vanity's" Release, touring with bands such as Forever in Terror (Metal Blade), Hand to Hand (Lifeforce Records) and Ashes Of Your Enemy (Crash Music Inc.).

Since the release of their 2nd album Hell Within has parted ways with their previous label. It became evident that it was time to move on and find a new home for Hell Within. The band returned to the rehearsal room to write and record 4 new tracks for shopping purposes. Once the recording was complete the band put together new press kits to begin label shopping. After talking to multiple labels, Hell Within decided to ink a multi album worldwide deal with Thorp Records. Now backed by new label Thorp Records and a lot of experience under their belt Hell Within moves forward.

Hell Within is a band that perseveres throughout anything that is thrown their way. No matter what the obstacle, the band will always continue writing great metal music and tour with the integrity that for them has become a way of life.