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kaluga, Moscow, Russia

kaluga, Moscow, Russia
Solo Pop EDM




"Hellya on the radio"

At this Friday, May 18, Hellya was the first guest of the exclusive project "Pochti Doma" of DanuRadio (87.7 FM USA radio). The girl answered all the questions of the Djs.

You may listen this interview or download here. Enjoy it! - DanuFm

"International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2011 Winners"

Hey everyone! Hellya’s song "Coco" (Spanish edit) in the Dance/Electronica category has been selected as a 3rd place winner by the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) listening committee. Finalists were chosen from over 16,000 entrants in one of the most competitive years to date musicially for ISC, so you should definitely be proud of this incredible accomplishment. Here the link http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/winners


"Hellya & PodnebeS — Bali"

The most incredible things happen in our dreams and visions. It can’t be so real. And our dreams are always with us wherever we are. In Moscow, in Bali or in the cosmos dimension ... Winter is coming to an end slowly, but still dreaming. The snow is falling and everything is sweeping somewhere in Bali, but Moscow is the dream for someone…

The Common Dreams are not happening. It sounds like a death sentence. As the ultimate truth. It sounds like under the falling snow. Under the quiet steps of winter. It sounds like Hellya’s song called Bali (Podnebes remix) that we're presenting to you on our website. Let your dreams come true and something unreal can happen. Suppose it will be possible to change the general line like dreaming. It does not matter what they are. About Bali or Moscow. Just listen to the song and do not forget to leave your feedback. - Musecube

"HELLYA: The Return of Ivan Shapovalov's Project"

Music fans first heard about Hellya at the beginning of 2004, when Ivan Shapovalov (t.A.T.u.'s former producer) released "Podnebesnaya No.1" which included Hellya's song "Naidu." It didn't take long for a popular record company to offer Hellya a contract. The London based record company Sony BMG offered Hellya a long term contract, which she turned down at the time.

In 2005, Hellya began to record songs in German in the Podnebesnaya studio, but Ivan Shapovalov spent most of his time on other projects. It was around this time that t.A.T.u.'s current producer, Boris Rensky, offered Hellya a contract. Shapovalov wasn't against the contract proposed by Rensky, but he did want to make sure that certain demands were met. Rensky had no problem meeting these requirements set forth by Shapovalov. The Hellya project was eventually turned over to Rensky, and his team.

So, in the fall of 2005 the "German-Girl" started working with the president of RnK, and patiently waited for everything was promised to her. However, a year and a half passed, and practically nothing evolved creatively. Rensky was completely engaged in the t.A.T.u. project, and that left little time for Hellya. The final straw happened during a t.A.T.u. rehearsal in Los Angeles, California.

In 2006-2008, Hellya created and recorded hits for the group "SheZa" which was the best rock debut from RAMP in 2008. From that time, Hellya has acted as her own producer, and has recorded in a new studio with help from the team behind "Ledokol."

Source: WeeklyJournal's "People About People" Section
Released: May 15th, 2009 - Starsnews

"Talks About Podnebesnaya's Hellya"

Ivan Shapovalov gave an interview to OM magazine, where he talks about his Podnebesnaya project, and all of the singers attached to it. You can read the article by clicking on the picture. - OM

"Hellya Interview With BRAVO Magazine"

Hellya's a sunshine-girl. "Her smile lights up the room" But Hellya also has a different side. Hellya sings in German, with a very harsh almost screaming tone set to heavy electronic music. It's similar to the groups "Tic Tac Toe" "Bjork" and "Peaches." Hellya's the perfect child. She looks so innocent, and naive. Because of that, her music sticks with you even more.

BRAVO: How did you come up with the idea to combine such contrasting styles?

Hellya: I have a lot of mood swings. I'm happy and smiling right now, but I might start to cry in 5 minutes. Ivan brings it out in me. He says I shouldn't hide any of my emotions... I should instead vent in my songs. But I don't sing about anything having to do with hurting anyone, or anything like that. It just sounds that way in German.

BRAVO: But how does a Russian girl know German?

Hellya: I start to write the music first, and then the first word happens to be German. I finish the song after that.

BRAVO: Who helps you with your music?

Hellya: Our sound-producer Slava offered me a few tracks, which sound a little like the German band Rammstein. It didn't really fit me, so I always listen to Ivan. To me, he's a genius. I value his opinion.

BRAVO: Is there any kind of music you'll never do?

Hellya: I'll never sing any kind of song with lyrics like "I love you Dima, you're the only thing I need" and so forth. To me, that kind of song has no soul. It's just typical Russian pop trash. Never!

Source: BRAVO Magazine No. 30
Released: 2004 - BRAVO


http://soundcloud.com/hellya-music/sets the new album Fatum.Fate.Rock.



Listeners first heard about Hellya at the beginning of 2004 when her song "Naidu" was added to the "Podnebesnaya No.1" collection released by t.A.T.u.'s former producer, Ivan Shapovalov.

Hellya's first album "Eurosexfascism" (2005) was recorded in German and contained elements of pop, punk and experimental electronic. Enough power to destroy the emansipe girl with a little "lolita" added to it.

During 2006-2008, Hellya worked with the group SheZa. She created the project and their main tracks which were named "Best Rock Debut" under RAMP (2008.) During this past year, Hellya started recording new album with the support of Freefrog's social network and smart label top-manager Vera Vrublevsky.

This Hellya's latest release, Fatum.Sudba.Rock (2011-2012) was lead off by the maxisingle "Coco" which was originally recorded in Russian, but also in Spanish and English with very different remixes in the genres of dark wave, hard old school techno, etc. Hellya performed as a solo project as well as backed by a band as a neo punk project.
Famous sound systems like Virus, Oberheim and Russian analogs like Alisa, Polyvox, and Yunost' were used.

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