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HeLO (he-low) is a 4 piece indie rock outfit based out of Washington DC. Dubbed the "Darlings of the District music scene" by the Washington Post in 2010, HeLO continues to raise the bar in modern rock songwriting and live performance. HeLO's music is accessible to music fans from all walks of life.


Washington D.C. based HeLO (pronounced he-low) is a four piece Indie rock outfit that is heavily influenced by the Beatles, Weezer, Pixies and a multitude of bands that employ smart songwriting techniques with delicious guitars and soaring vocal harmonies. HeLO



Written By: A.I. Productions

You feel alive, next to the ocean
Watching waves rolling in
But looking out into the horizon
You’re petrified like a mannequin

You’re not a cheat like in a Harlequin Romance
Or a dilettante “Genevieve”
But when you’re shy, no one can see or hear you
Holds you back when you’re trying to break free

You feel invisible inside.
Life the party, you’re just being shy.
It’s alright

Anywhere you wanna go
You don’t have to be alone
I’m in touch with that emotion

I saw you pretending to be happy
Like the Mona Lisa when she smiles
I only say because I feel the same thing
It’s kind of funny how the truth done ring

You look like you’re on top
But nervous in the spotlight
If I could read your mind
What would it hold?
Have you lost control?

Is there an answer that could solve your problems?
Or a magic pill to sooth your soul?
When I see the light that surrounds you
Keeps me warm when I’m running cold
Keeps me warm when I’m feeling low
Keeps me warm when I’m feeling cold

Black Hole

Written By: John Ireland/HeLO/A.I. Productions

Was in a dream, I was flying above towers and high as the sun. I spun around and all the lights were blinking. My head was heavy, my brain went numb.

I held on to all of my possessions, they were the anchors to my null and void. I felt the fire of all the dark spaces, no devotion to where I belong.

Flying Free with nowhere to go, my personal black hole.

I've bee around the same block twice, attach my head with a question mark. I blamed it all on my inhabitions and no direction when your in the dark.

Flying Free with nowhere to go, my personal black hole.

Heavy in my head, light as the snow

Flying Free with nowhere to go, my personal black hole.

Radiation Star

Written By: John Ireland/HeLO/A.I.Productions

Hours pass on, I would wait up for you. Dull times when your not on screen. Ive never felt anything like this, you have no conception of me.

Watch the clock, television idols, empty channels when you're gone. I'm wasting time wishing you were with me, even though you'll never be mine.

In the squares (television baby), all the stares (radiation star), nobody cares about my baby.

You are the light that brightens my days, all the others won't suffice.
Photons burst streams from an energy beam reflect into my eye.

Do your eyes lie when they look at me? The TV sees but never hears.

Hours pass on, I would wait up for you, but I dont feel things will ever change. Wasting time praying at your alter, that is indication never faced.

Anticipate when I would see you again, another week sometimes even more. If only I could tell you what I'm feeling, I dont want to watch the repeat.

In the squares (television baby), all the stares (radiation), In the squares (television baby), all the stares (radiation),


Mercury Retrograde EP

Set List

Radiation Star
Black Hole
Mercury Retrograde
Who You know
Birthday Song
Binary Girlfriend
How Good It Can Be
KaTie Complicated
The Goodbye
Off My Mind