Hel Toro

Hel Toro


Punk music that never intended to be, Hel Toro makes chaotic and precise music with speed.


From the ashes of Boston's eclectic punk rock scene, Hel Toro was birthed into an aggressive form of the genre that is all their own. The band carries the mixed nostalgia of latter day saints such as Drexel and The Jesus Lizard, while refreshing listeners with attitude-laden tone similar but not limited to Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones.

The three-piece came together in late 2004 and immediately began writing the material that would become their first E.P., Tabula Rasa. Released in 2006, the record would quickly establish the band across New England's live music scene through its accessible, heavy/organic appeal. 2007's Gimmick, on the strength of it's first track "Hole's Up", led to the gain of major radio support throughout their city and continues to fuel their momentum nation-wide with a new release coming this summer and touring plans for fall 2008.

Hel Toro's live performance is professional, fast, loud and unrestrained, often shedding light onto their affinity for collective and talented improvisation. Both vocally and instrumentally, this highly dynamic group will undoubtedly impress every time.



Written By: Rick Maguire

Sound your bruises under streets that’s where to go for blows. That’s where everybody cares that everyone knows right. Y’look fine, smug and little snide you bet nobody knows you on the inside.

Take one small step you become nothing, because you burned out all the lines.

My next meal just might be escaping me, my soul has an economy that makes me want to vomit all my lofty convictions.

I’m almost sure I’m supposed to feel something first, but maybe the motherfucker will meet me halfway. Try, and I’ll try, to stay uninspired while you fucking halfwits roll your eyes.

o0o0o0o0othat’s a nice defense.

Bad Vision

Written By: Rick Maguire

I was born with x-rays that can see the moon in the light. With no lights on I can see everything with the right eye.

Way out of mind is the way I stride, way out, I never let it up.

Left in the wrong way and I will sleep there tonight. I won’t be complete till I know that I’m not right. Oh!


Written By: Rick Maguire

Your celestial head has had me paranoid for days, I already think too much about not enough.

I’ll find it when I find it when I find it.

I’ll move to a farm where you won’t hear me whine anymore, I’m just a meatface, a little more than a complete waste.

Your celestial head has had me paranoid for days.


Written By: Rick Maguire

Had to get off the road, because I couldn't see buildings for the trees.

I hadn't been to church in about two years, next year it'll be three. I couldn't get in. On the city street there's bloody hand prints near a man asleep. We're animals, too.

Did I kill God again that day, is that why she cried? Then why do i feel alright? It's my vacation.

Holes Up

Written By: Rick Maguire

I don’t want to watch you draw me out because we wouldn’t like my format, I piss on all kinds of parades because it’s

“Laugh when it tries, love it when it dies.” I know I don’t have a disease but I think I need a doctor because no one wants to be alone. I’ve got a head that never folds. I’ll bathe till my skin comes off.

I only have faith in that which makes me itch, never lets me down.
I’ll make the same movie everyday

~severed and ripe, holes up, I’ll move to a place where my brain and house are gray~

I don’t want to watch you draw it out because I’m not that good of an artist, piss on all kinds of parades because I’ve got a head that’s got a cold, I’ll speak till I lose hope. Yeah.


Tabula Rasa e.p. (2006)
Gimmick (2007)
The New Harmless (2008)

Set List

1.rare love
2.monster on a farm
4.bad vision
6.steady Eddie...
8.the new harmless
11.bad lands
12.i wanna be a machine
14.deaf people