Hema Jr.
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Hema Jr.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Blues Pop




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Vocals/Guitar: Hema Jr.?

Bass/Vocals: Marc Wheeler?

Drums: Justin Walker??

?The band HEMA formed in early 2010, under the most unique circumstances.?? Hema had been playing music over a decade, here and there, known locally for his singer/songwriter melodies and acoustic guitar music. For a long time he had been itching to play the loud blues rock, that he had always loved and grew up listening to. His chance came in 2012. Hema Jr. had gone to high school with friends of a popular Salt Lake local band. They were having a show in a few months and needed an opening act, eventually asking Hema to open for them. He was so excited except that had lacked two things: a band, and a set list. Feverishly, Hema began writing songs and looking for band mates, hoping that together they could put it all together in time.

While Hema was working, waiting tables at a local restaurant, in walked Shaun Boulter. At the time, the only thing scarier than the tips was the fact that in a months time he would be an opening act at The beloved Avalon theater. Shaun sat in Hema’s section and after a brief, but warm greeting, Hema instantly asked if Shaun would want to play. Shaun and Hema were in a band in high school and remembering the good times, Shaun scribbled his number on the receipt.

??Time was ticking down, but Hema and Shaun had already gotten basic structures and lyrics down for the songs they planned on playing in May. All they needed was a drummer. Hema had jammed with Cade Petersen off and on, and called him up to ask about playing the gig. Cade had prior engagements already and wouldn’t be able to play. Just as Hema and Shaun started feeling like they wouldn’t be able to get it together in time. Cade told Hema about a friend of his, one who was really good and probably would be able to jam, his name is Justin Walker. Justin and the band started getting their act together for the show, they practiced every week for the rest of that month until the show. Because they couldn’t think of anything better with the time that was left, The Avalon put up: NEW CITY SKYLINE and HEMA, on the marquee.?? People who saw the show at The Avalon, said that it was the best opener that they had heard for a long time. They were shocked when asking about how long HEMA had been playing together and the band replied it had been only a couple months.. The other bands said to HEMA, ” You guys were great! On that song [Mama Said], we couldn’t stop shaking our asses!…”

??And when grown men can make other grown men shake their asses, you know you’ve got something special.?

?The end of 2011 was a benchmark in HEMA history. Highlights were the recording of their first music video, the release of their second EP and a new website. But it was also a sad moment as two-thirds of the band HEMA would be replaced. Shaun Boulter decided to move to Arizona to continue his education towards becoming a Sound Engineer. Justin Walker would soon be leaving to live in Pittsburg, PA for two years as a Mormon (LDS) Missionary. With a big chunk of the trio missing, Hema had to find new members to get ready for big things in 2012.?

?Marc Wheeler was the answer to Hema’s prayers (and the answer to the local classified ad he posted). They clicked instantly, having similar goals and band influences; such as DELTA SPIRIT and others.. Full of ideas and a renewed determination to make great music, together with the new addition to HEMA, the band has an overflowing potential to make great things happen.