Hooks, looks, energy, star quality, dynamic song writing, attitude, artist for artist no one can touch this foursome. Like a freight train some say....Hemitone live IS controlled chaos...period!


Hemitone is a finely tuned machine, like the name implies. Powerful vocals, driving guitars, and an earthshaking rhythm section combined with showmanship, stage presence and energy likened to that of a runaway freight train is the only way to describe this foursome. Hemitone has released an album, "Shaker" that has brought them International recognition, and is a band that has played festivals in front of thousands with I Mother Earth, rocked Pilot Field in Buffalo to a full stadium, blew up Colorado at The Annual Coor's Light Winter Bash and continues to tear up clubs across Southern Ontario and beyond! There is not or ever will be a crowd that Hemitone can't win over with their infectious show and attitude. Simply put, this engine is in overdrive...God help you all!


Debut CD- "Shaker"


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Set List

Originals - Shannon, Blue Tattoo, Cheap Stuff, Drop Down and the Shaker CD

Covers - Sublime, The Killers, Ramones, Kiss, Cheap Trick, The Cure, Green Day, Prince, Spirit Of The West, Dropkick Murphy's, Buckcherry, Lit, House Of Pain, Tim Armstrng, ACDC, Guns 'N' Roses, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, etc.