San Francisco, California, USA

Founded in 2007, Hemorage has evolved into the truest of independent efforts. The band books their own shows and tours and they print their own merchandise. Furthermore, their artwork, photography, video, and distribution are handled internally as well.


Hemorage was formed in 2007 by a group of friends at a high school in San Francisco, California. Members of Hemorage are Jon on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Toby on Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals, and Beto on Drums. From four different countries (Philippines, Cambodia, and Guatemala), each were brought together by their musical interests and has persisted since then.

Three words best describe their sound: IN YOUR FACE. Their energy-filled stage presence is heavily influenced by metal and punk rock. Hemorage does not conform to one sound and at the same time maintains their described sound. Many who attend a Hemorage show say that they would have an intense and fun time.

Hemorage began their band playing covers at a batting cage room in high school. After a number of created songs, they began gaining recognition in 2010 when playing at a venue called Thee Parkside. On the same year, Hemorage’s fan base began to grow more playing frequent shows at the Submission (once name the Balazo). Since then, there is an increasing audience throughout the Bay Area and various places around the world for Hemorage.

As a member of Hemorage, it is important to stand up for what makes you truly happy and to go hard at it. The band has a strong Do-It-Yourself philosophy. They are also about the philosophy of by the people for the people. From Joey Voodoo’s interview, Hemorage creates their merchandise from their own hands independently. When it comes to putting themselves out there, they will do their hardest to promote themselves by putting flyers everywhere, handing out flyers at events, talking with the people at the shows.

We, Hemorage, don’t call our fans a fan; we call them friends no matter who they are. We love the thrill and excitement of playing on-stage as it gives just as much pleasure as the audience enjoying us, no matter how many attend.


Fuck It

Written By: Hemorage

Fuck It
Verse 1:
Too much weed and beer I took in
When do I plan to die?
I’ve encounter death one to many times
And I still don’t see how
My life is like what comes out your ass
Everyone seemed to see it better
Why am I so negative towards myself?
I feel like I’m 6 feet under

Fuck It
(I’m killing it)
(I’m killing it)
(I’m killing it)
I’m killing this fuckin’ booze/joint

Verse 2:
How many times must I run away?
From my fears and problems
I tried to save my own life
But every time I seemed to fail
Doctors tell me to quit all the time
It’s easy for them to say
A true disaster is what I see in me
I’m a fuckin waste of life


(Solo: Stitch)

Verse 3:
The weed kills my brain cells inside
But I have a ton of those
The booze quenches my throat
Jager is the booze I drink
I was peer pressured into this shit
I could’ve been a better man
But my life is good and I love it
I don’t want to change at all.


Written By: Hemorage

I am who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me
I don’t take you seriously
Cause your vision
Of perfection
Is just your

Snap back into reality
Open your eyes and you’ll see me
They hate me because I’m different
I hate them all because they are all the same

I am who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me
I don’t take you seriously
Cause I will
Never be
Something you
Want me to be

This is who I am
I don’t give a damn if you care
I don’t care what you think of me
I don’t take you seriously
So reject me
Or accept me
I don’t give
A flying fuck

For Your Life

Written By: Hemorage

Verse 1:
I risen from this hell
That you shot me down to
Suffered and tortured from
All the things you have done
I’m a prisoner of hate
For far too long
And now the beast is unleashed
Hungry and thirsty


Verse 2:
This rage in my brain
Gave me a lot of pain
Now it’s to speak it out
To scream and shout it out
I’ve been through so much shit in my life
You don’t know what they are
Forgiveness doesn’t mean a thing to me

I’ve been used and abused
Over and over again
Day by day I have suffer and tortured by you
I’m a prisoner of hate for far too long
And now the beast is unleashed from this hate


Guess Who?(2010)
Prisoner of Hate(2012)
Feral Depravity Split(2013)


Set List

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