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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Bombay by Hemys"

The definitive art form of hip-hop music, is considered mosaic, head-nodding, soul moving, butt-shaking, mentally manipulative, street-driven, and politically agitated. The definitive art form of the emcee is a crowd rocker, show stopper, mind blower, soul controller, party reviver, and Hemys the XP.
Hemys the XP? Who or what exactly is he you may ask? To the underground, he maybe hip-hop’s 13th warrior brought forth to even the imbalance of a cultured music lacking in depth, talent, and overall appreciation of its own sound. Hemys may be the best lyricist you never heard before.

The forum of rap music is so mainstream now, that the list of popular rap artists run longer than the Mississippi River. There is too much of too little. Too many emcees , too little quality. That is until you listen to Hemys (pronounced Hem-iss) the XP. His latest underground illustration “Bombay” sounds exactly as how it is entitled, pure “bombay”. The prolific word display by this microphone phenom is unprecedented. This Long Island native, now Orlando Afficiando, is marking sacred territory within the perils of classic hip-hop. A song with a message. A mind with a purpose. An emcee with a destiny.

The moment the chorus enters over this subdued laid-back track, you are already pulsated to pump up the bass and lower the treble as he spits lyrics like:

Cause everything we do is Bombay
You Like It? I feel the same way
And Hemys is the nemesis for those gone astray
Plus the representative for those gone away

This track wastes little time sucking you into his mastery of placing sentences together. His timing is pure “Seiko”. His words dances with the beat from start to finish. Never has a slowed down track captivated me to sing along or chant along quite like this song. Its sound is distinct.

Ironically the track and concept is produced and created by Hemys. He may very well be the total package of which an emcee should be. He has the ability to place Orlando in a status of recognition as the next Mecca of Hip-Hop. As a member of his crew Magnus, Hemys’s “Bombay” is a foreshadowing of what to expect from Orlando’s Hip-Hop scene. Recognize the name, he may just be the oracle Morpheus has sent for us within the Hip-Hop Matrix to expose the real from the fake *hit.
- Manhunt.com; Reviewer: CL Mecca


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Why this name?
I chose the name Hemys because I used to be in a group called The Spheres and it worked. I also used it as a way to convey that I aim at hemispheres with my music. It might not hit everybody at the same time, but like the sun, it will hit them sooner or later.

Do you play live?

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I believe that people have more access to music than ever in the history of mankind. The internet has opened the floodgates to good and bad music. The real purpose is to have access to everything and then make a decision as to the best selection for you.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the opportunity presented itself, I would consider it. I want to do enough on my part to make sure that when I am approached, I position myself to have negotiating power.

Your influences?
Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Big Daddy Kane, Babyface, James Brown, Bill Withers, James Taylor, The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Isaac Hayes, De La Soul, etc

Favorite spot?
New York City is my favorite city so far!

Equipment used:
Pro Tools - Reason - Sonar - Korg products - Ensoniq products - Roland products - JBL products