I've heard a range of discriptions for me from Mazy Star to Jewel...so whatever that sounds like. I find my sound in a very pretty place even when it's dark, my voice is my instrument and through it I express and find new ways to interpret myself- my music is vulnerable, it is me.


My name is Henninge- the name should start you off with a view into my unique perception. I am a solo singer/ songwriter who's hoping to find a few musicians to really click with as far as a "vision" or what not. I've been singing and performing all my life and have loved every minute of it. My influences are all over the place... from classic rock to R and B to the classical training I've been involved in since high school (class of 2000 by the way). My style has been described to me as "folky", Sarah Mcglaughlin-ish. Mostly, I just absolutly adore music or rather, the creation of it. It's my thing, its what I have to give and I love giving it and I'm pretty positive its recieved well in that vein.


Nothing on the radio...yet. I'm learning more to become a better musician and sort of going along, promotion wise, at the pace that that allows.

Set List

My typical set list for the venues I've played (mostly open mic's and coffee shops) consists of 2 or 3 original songs and a cover or two. I can do more in a sitting- like twice that at least- but haven't had the oppurtunity..... Original: Pub Love, Always not forget, Bon Voyage Baby, The Storm, etc.