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"ReatTalkny.net (US blog)"

Henok Achido grew up in a musical home in the Southern parts of Sweden, purchasing his first vinyl with his weekly allowance at the age of 8. At the age of 17, Henok featured on number one hit single and grammy nominated song ‘Mina Hundar’ by Swedish rapgroup Fattaru, which resulted in numerous performances in most Scandinavia countries but although the outcome and response for Henok was massive, he still didnot feel satisfied with the mindstate and lacked maturity and the preparation to be the complete musician. After, Mina Hundar, Henok dropped out of highschool and moved to Stockholm to continue record and feature songs but still didnot feel that his timing was right. Late 05 and after creating several high quality songs and being mostly pushed by his younger brother to create music, he decided to take the big step in to the light of music. Today, Henok Achido is known for being a bilingual artist plus the combination of unique flow, determination, cockiness & inventive word play describes Henoks’ main characteristics best. - Nigel D


2001 - Mina Hundar by Fattaru feat Henok Achido ( 2 grammys won)

2006 - Million Dollar Baby (Single)

2006 - That Fucking Guy - The EP (8 Track free download EP) Including Million Dollar Baby (Radio & Tv air play, MTV, ZTV) & also incl songs Rockstar Rolling, Il Goes that had radio airplay (p3 street, p3 hiphop, radio uptown and so forth)

2008 (jun) - Can I (first single of debut Album) - radio and tv airplay, released via DLX/Bonnier Amigo/SSC



Henok Achido took his first step into the light in music in 2001. His legendary feature on the two grammy winning song -Mina Hundar- became a controversy on the Swedish hiphop scene, only at the age of 18. After his guest appearance and touring all over Scandinavia, he still did not create music consistently, due to personal reasons and lacking motivation to persuade his own music career but that would took a huge turn on the summer of 2006.

Henok Achido was born Henok Meharena on the 5th of September 1982, raised in a single parent home in the southern parts of Sweden. The musical influence originated from his family, mainly his mother, uncle & cousins, all huge music fans, which later persuaded him to purchase his first vinyl with the weekly allowance at the age of 8. Although the response for Henok was massive, he still did not feel satisfied with the mind state and lacked maturity and the preparation to be the complete musician he desired. After, Mina Hundar, Henok dropped out of high school and moved to Stockholm to continue recordings but still did not feel that his timing was right. However, that all changed in mid 2006.

Henok Achido has always been known for having a strong character, plus the combination of unique flow, determination, cockiness & inventive word play describes Henoks Achido the artist best. In early 2006, Henok recorded a song called 'Million Dollar Baby' that was a groundbreaking change and took him back to the light of music. The song received massive response and was featured in TV (MTV), Radio (P3), Skatefilms (La Famillionaire, Aggressive sport commercial for Stadium), and Compilation albums (Scandinavian Hiphop invasion (Fr), Nu Jerzey Devil & BWS presents Hell Raiser vol.2 (US). The musicvideo for Million Dollar Baby was directed by Tecle Street in the summer in 2006 and shortly after Henok was signed to label DLX entertainment by co-founder Astma. After being signed to DLX, Henok released an 8 track free download EP called -That Fucking Guy The EP- in May 2007 that received more than 25.000 downloads worldwide. Furthermore, In October 07, He was asked to perform as supporting act for legendary rapper Rakims' European Tour but unfortunately his tour was cancelled at last minute, however, Henok has already a few artist under his belt as a supporting act such as Saigon (US), DJ Drama (US), Willie Da Kid (US), Onyx (US) and Gangstarr (US).

At this moment, Henok is recording his highly anticipated debut album called Almaz Charming Child and did earlier this year also release 2 free downloads called Henok vs The Prodigy.1 and 2, where he raps on the legendary techno songs No Good & Magic people. The controversial songs did receive more than 10,000 downloads and controversial discussion regarding his flows' potential and placed his capacity beyond anything else Sweden has ever seen before. The free download EP and songs did also result in Henok starting to receive more attention overseas and was just recently posted as new artist spotlight on two of the biggest U.S hip hop blogs (www.realtalkny.net) and (www.youheardthatnew.com). 2008 will be busy year for Henok Achido, at the moment he is recording his album, doing interviews for websites, magazines and radio and has done shows all over Sweden, France, Holland and Poland. Henok also came second place on the Swizz Beatz competition organized by the Source Magazine & Musicvideo20.com which will result in short coverage in next edition of the Source mag.

His first video from the debut album -Almaz Charming Child- called Can I has just finished its recordings and premiered on TV a few weeks ago. The video is created by 5 different directors, Senay, Kristoff Kolacz, Tekle Street, Morgan Röhl and Douglas Wahlberg and is already airing on TV.

Henok Achido music has been cherished by people from the globes all continents and the breakthrough of his music career is one song away.