Songwriter, Composer, Producer & A Singer from Tel-Aviv


Henree was Born in Tel Aviv, and started his musical career in 2002 as the first Israeli artist ever signed to Virgin Records after someone overheard a demo of his at a party, he spend some time in Belgium, recording his debut album "Plastic Sound".
Unfortunately the merge of Virgin Records with EMI at the time left Henree with no contract...

In 2003 Henree returned to his homeland and spent the majority of his time and musical talent building an impressive body of work in Israel: He turned to one of Israel’s top songwriter and producer and has worked with the first row of artists and has written a string of number one hit songs in a few gold and multi platinum-selling albums in Israel.

He is one of the only Israeli artists that records songs in the English language (a very hard thing to do in the Israeli Music market that 99% of it compiles songs in Hebrew) and still manage to reach to the top of Hit parades in Israel.

Henree is still dreaming on a career abroad obviously after he almost was "there".


Henree feat. Nikka - (Finally) See Me now
(Single 2005)

Henree feat. Nikka - Naked In The Wind
(Single 2005)

Henree feat. Nikka - Bgida (Betrayal) Israel’s representative on Eurodanceweb 2007 contest.

Henree - Clubbing (Single 2003)

Henree - F.M Stereo Love (Single 2003)

Henree - Panica! (Single 2003)

Henree - Plastic Sound (Album 2003)

Henree feat. Nikka - Revolution (Album 2003)

Set List

About 2 hoers,
Mainly my one material.

The closest thigh to a cover I did is a song called "I'll be fine (Its killing me)"
The song contains an (authorized) musical Quote from "Situation" by Yazoo
(Vince Clarke/Alison Moyet)