Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen

Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen




Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen wrote 90% of the songs and lyrics on the two "COLOURBLIND" Albums. This includes a No.1 hit in Scandinavia as well as 6 radio singles and two videos. The first Album was released by BMG and Iceberg Records. The following Album was released by Iceberg Records.

Furthermore he has written and co-written numerous songs of which many has been recorded and released by various international acts. That includes quite a few singles and some video productions.

Altogether he has written and recorded more than 100 songs..

Please press "AUDIO" and listen to 6 of his recent demos. Stylewise his songs range from guitar pop/rock to songs with an urban flavour and a touch of R&B..

If you like to listen to more songs please go to: http://www.hyllesongs.com

Hope you like what you hear !!




Written By: Henrik


Your trespassed eyes like fireflies to me
Let’s pour the wine I’ll make you mine endlessly
We’ll walk this world regardless
Of all the fears and darkness
Through the shadows breaks a blinding light

Every beat of my heart
Every light in the dark
Every sky that is blue
I will give to you
Every breath that you I take
Every move that you make
You’re a star that shines up above
You’re the colour of my love

Unlock your heart lay down your guard I’ll be there
No bonds can hold me from your side I’m here
And while you sleep I’ll kiss you
And when you’re gone I’ll miss you
I believe that only love can cry?

Every beat..

And if the lights are blinding
And if the roads are winding
I’ll be standing by you day and night

Every beat…


Written By: Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen


Ah ah…

Is it love I feel is it over is it real?
In the dark I’m silently broken

Our words collide I’m stranded by your side
Like a child in the hands of a stranger

I’m truly suppressed by
My fears of lonely Sundays
I’m haunted by the fact that I
Had to walk away

Let’s fight for a love sign... ah, ah give me love signs
Let’s cry for a love line... ah, ah give me love lines
Cause we’re frozen now and I can’t live without you

I believe it hurts my softly spoken words
Cause I feel you’re endlessly falling

You’re priceless I’m lifeless
I traded hearts for glory
We fell away so carelessly
Then I realized

Let’s fight....

No more hearts to bruise, nothing left to lose
I feel the night’s getting colder
Tell me who’s to blame we suffered just the same
I got lost for a moment
And I.. I’m alone and I know
I can’t live without you

Ah ah..

Let’s fight…

No more hearts…


Written By: Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen


Take a look at me cause I know
You’re deceiving me should I go?
Say it loud if you doubt my words cause I’m serious
Do you realize just how I feel
I’m a bag of tears nothing’s real
And you won’t get away with a kiss and a compromise

I just don’t rely on things you get high on
You can beg you can crawl you can lie on
But I don’t wanna waste my time
You will lose it all

You lied I cried for little while
Shame on you cause you fooled me again
And you didn’t care.. wasn’t fair
I ain’t gonna stay forever
No fakes no breaks no forbidden words
If you don’t get it right this time
I’ll walk away walk away
You better believe me now
Do you really wanna see?
How much trouble I can be
I don’t think you disagree.. oh no
Just don’t mess with me

I don’t give a damn ‘bout what you say
You can walk away you can stay
Cause I’m strong and you’re wrong if you think that I’m powerless
I’ve been watching you watching me
And I know that you like what you see
But you’re late cause your date didn’t know how to let you go

I’m sorry when I’m sad and I’m sad when you fool me
But it’s over and you’re not gonna rule me
Do you know what you’re up against?
You will lose it all

CHORUS . . .

You’ve had it you way baby this is what I found
You play your dirty games but I will stand my ground
Just don’t mess with me

CHORUS . . .


Written By: Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen


Since you went away shades of grey
Slipped into my mind
I just can’t believe I suffered fools so gladly
But I failed to see how selfishly
I settled for the thrill
Of strange perfumes in crowded rooms
Leaving you so lonely

My heart is in your hand
I hope you understand
Let’s leave it all behind

Cause I lost my mind
But I'm crawling back to you
And I broke your heart
Tempted by the fruit
Fruit of another
Don't leave
Whatever you do
But I lied a lot
I lied a lot to you

Now I will undo the things I blew
Cause I’m the one to blame
And I would crawl a mile to see your smile again
So I’ll leave behind the thinnest line
That I’ve been walking on
Of wonder wheels and hearts to steal
And crying in the dark

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Took me by surprise it seems
I found no substitute for love


But it’s over.. yes it’s over
It’s over.. over now

A mad man’s destiny
I traded love for misery
No one compares to you


I lied I lied I lied to you


Written By: Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen


You’re leaving me
My destiny
Will take me somewhere else
I ever dreamt of
And honesty
Will bring me deeper down
Than I ever heard of
You never did

Light me up and set me free
Did you really think
That I would talk about it
This is my philosophy
Life is much too short for this and I
I won’t cry about it

I contemplate
My precious fate
I have to realize
I’m so fundamental
I walk the moon
I’m out of tune
I take the liberty
To get lost for a moment
You never did


There’s a thing you ought to know
I was never sentimental
I am just a perfect stranger
Married to myself



Written By: Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen


I believe you’ll get this right,
It’s not that complicated
Just claim the love you feel
Drop the guard and close the deal
Don’t believe a word they say
You’re by far the best
And we’ll be standing here much longer than the rest
Sometimes fighting sometimes hiding baby
But you’re my frequency

We will make it to the top just to slide back down
We will smash to the ground just to climb back up
We’ll push it to the limit for a day or two
That’s what we’ll do
We will break all the rules when the rules don’t fit
I’ll be off my head when you say that’s it
But that’s no problem if you love me like you say that you do
Cause it seems like I’m crazy like this

Did you think I’d walk away?
I’m not that kind of girl
Just keep it in your heart
No one else can play your part
Did I save us from the blue?
Oh if you only knew
The things that I went through just to get to you
It’s a madman’s situation but you
Speak my langue boy

We will…

I could get lost in a love lie fade away stranded like a bird on a distant shore
But even in my sleep I think of you screaming out for more
I could get burnt, getting boiled and washed away leaving a trace for the broken hearted
But I don’t care I’m crazy like this

I don’t want to compromise
No need to creep or crawl
Let’s go for everything or nothing at all
Cause you caught my eye and then my heart
And that’s a perfect start

We will…