We consider ourselves a combination of things. Think cake, thunderstorms, symphonies, love, stringed instruments, and the thoughts in our heads as best we can express them.


The two bands, HenriHenrietta and The Priest and The Devil (formerly known as Antimacassar), are cousin bands. They started combining their efforts recently in the hope of creating a full, extremely harmonized, and unique sound to spread throughout the Midwest.

Individual Bios:

Lauren: When music became Lauren Moore's passion in high school, she decided to try to make a living at it. After attending three different colleges hoping to find joy in the technicalities and overly classical-ized vocal performance and music majors,
she's found it's much more fun to write and perform her own music and is enjoying being a starving musician in Henrihenrietta.

Nathan: Nathan Lucas has always wanted to add his own artistic touch to music, and being in a band is just one of his many goals achieved artistically. He can't wait to experience touring and spreading HenriHenrietta's music throughout the Midwest.

Tyler (Owen): Tyler Owen Nicolas has written and recorded his own intricate and fully instrumentalized music for years. He's played shows all over the U.S. and couldn't imagine doing anything else. With his cousin, Lauren, he plans to write, record, and tour for years to come.

Matt: Matthew Plummer has been known to play open mics in northern Indiana and has grown musically over the past few years of his life.
With his personalized and soft touch, the music he creates with his fellow band members falls directly into what he plans to do forever.

Our influences combined include Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes, The Hush Sound, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, Simon & Garfunkel, Paper Route, and life in general.


Owen Nicolas - The Ignominious Stigma
The Priest & The Devil - The Valley Of The Green Glass Doors And The Malefic Seduction
HenriHenrietta - Self Titled

HenriHenrietta has had online radio play with their song "Past Tense Word".

Set List

Our set list will include 7-9 songs: between 30-45 minutes depending on what the venue allows.

Past Tense Word
Ambrosia 151
Names of Those Cities
Old Time Mantra
And I And You
Rivers Run Away (Part 1 and 2)

(more to come....)

Covers we have done and/or plan to do:

Nickel Creek
Iron & Wine
The Hush Sound
Regina Spektor
The Swell Season