Storyteller country songs. Original songs featuring smoky vocals backed by slide guitar, electric guitar and bass.


HENRY CAPPS is a published songwriter and poet. DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER is his first independent CD. The songs on this CD represent his ability to write and tell varied stories.

As a songwriter he is a member of ASCAP. He is also a writer of cowboy poetry which has been published in the Foundation Quarter Horse Registry located in Sterling, CO.

Join Henry DOWN ON THE OLD RIVER—he’ll be there around mid-night to play and sing story songs. Featuring ‘Down on the Old River Road’—the bewitching tale of a lover who has another rendezvous—this time with fate.

‘Down On The Old River Road’ features Henry and his acoustic guitar—no back up voices, no fluff—just picking and singing. He learned his craft by singing in honky-tonks, saloons and skull orchards.

There are eight other original songs on this album featuring Henry’s smoky vocals backed by slide guitar, electric guitar and bass.


Down On The Old River Road
I've Always Wanted To Be Him
Changes In The Old Home Town
My Baby Rose
Dim As Barlight
She Is Walking Through My Mind
When Love Comes Back For Me
I Am An Old Flame
To Be Continued

Set List

My 45 minute set consists of original story songs and traditional country covers upon request.