Henry Correy

Henry Correy


Original Blues tunes presented in a variety of traditional styles such as shuffles, slow blues, rock blues, jump and swing blues etc !


A Bassist,Vocalist,Songwriter in the Blues genre. His career spans over three decades playing with many icons of the Australian music scene, including household names in Oz such as Richard Clapton and Renee Geyer, as well as international artists John Mayall, Tobin James (USA), Kevin Mark (CAN), Maurice Richard Libby (aka..White Boy Slim ) (CAN) and many more.

Throughout each decade he has achieved many rewarding milestones. Each one taking him to a higher and more enriching stage of his musical journey.

He has performed at Australia's major venues and Blues festivals. Henry's music has been performed by a Big Band Orchestra at the world famous Sydney Opera House, as well as showcasing in several movies.

In the year 2000 he rediscovered his roots and the reason he started playing music in the first place: His love for The Blues.!!
Having paid his dues, he now plays the Blues with sincerity, passion, and conviction in his own unique style.

On August 26th 2007, Henry was inducted into the U.S National Heritage Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame as Ambassador for The Blues from Australia.

There are three cds available at the moment. The first "Time Is A Teacher" (2000) the second product "Heat Of The Moment".(2004)..and now the latest 2005 release Prisoner Of Desire. Make yourself familiar with them!


Time Is A Teacher CD (2000)
Heat Of The Moment CD (2004)
Prisoner Of Desire CD (2006)
Blue Day Today (due for 2008 release.)

Set List

3x45min sets ..or.. 2x60 min sets comprising of original tunes from my CDs plus one or two covers such as Red House,Stormy Monday !