An indie group that began as a collaborative songwriting project to bring together diverse influences. The group mixes folk and rock styles with poetic, storytelling lyrics that often have local settings.


Henrysense began as a songwriting project after Darrel and Chris met while working out of the same office in downtown Halifax. Most of the writing and arranging is done through sharing home recordings over email. Ranging from old-style folk ballads to experimental indie rock tunes, henrysense draws lyrical inspiration from the history and geography in Nova Scotia, often writing about fictional characters in local settings. While continually defining their sound, henrysense works within their established ideal of mixing natural acoustic sounds with experimental elements to create broad textures. Musical influences include Iron and Wine, Gord Downie, Josh Ritter, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco and local artists like Joel Plaskett and Jenn Grant. This fall and winter will see henrysense playing more open mics throughout the city as well as working on a professional recording.


John St.

Written By: Darrel Cameron/Christopher John

John St.

A secret in my mouth
A whisper in a quiet aching house
A slow caress of light
Reaching out to find you in the night

Can you see me all the way from heaven down to John St?
Do you hear me scatter sacred stories over John St?

Speak as if I’m talking
Try as though I’m walking in the cold
Hollow like the Armoury
Stone-faced towers burgundy in snow

Can you hear me all the way from Gottingen to John St?
Do you see me throw your blanket skylight over John St.

In my father’s gloves, embarrassing and sturdy
Everything is buried
Everything is snow
Branches in the window, spirit in the cold
Waking up on the ground
Everything is closed

Do you hear me all the way from forever down to John St?
Do you need me hollow like the Armoury on John St?


Written By: Darrel Cameron/Christopher John


Don’t talk to me about hell, boy
I was just 14 when my mother tried to save me
But I followed my brother to the army anyway

It was after the war, I couldn’t take it anymore
Isabelle you were the only one I ever knew
Who could be so pure but so disturbed
But I loved you with my broken heart

Don’t talk to me about heaven man
Cause the angel that I knew has gone and run me through
Shiny blade into my heart, just like the diamond on her hand

Dartmouth ferry drawn by horses spinning round
At the tavern that night I swore I’d slow your city down
So I drifted down below into the belly of the beast
Four horses of the apocalypse, with fire on their feet

Don’t talk to me about hell boy
Because I’ve burned inside the lake and looked at that old devil’s face
But I’m haunted by my broken love

In the bowels of the boat out in the harbour at night
I drew my blade that shone perfect like a diamond in moonlight
Isabelle I thought of you as I drove those horses through
Like they were the four winds over the whole world

Five Hornets

Written By: Christopher John

Five Hornets

Remember when five hornets flew
Into our apartment all at once
You hid in the bathroom
Until I had killed them

The times we walked in the park
The dogs were happy and
We were happy, they chased the deer away
You cried but they came back again

Hand raised pigeons, cats that
Made me crazy, we shared a single solitaire game
When we went to bed
And you were safe again

Don’t you forget about me
Like childhood movies
And every moment that slowly dies is rain
On the sidewalk that slowly dries

I killed all of our
Best memories like those five hornets
Parts remain, the dead bugs in our minds
The drinking helps me sleep


Written By: Darrel Cameron/Christopher John


All the history that’s told, sleeping in their graves below, I have read the epitaph
Pigment of the autumn leaves left to linger as they please rotting on the walking path
I have shed a tear for them, thinking of the best of them, waiting for the rest of them

Water-coloured imagery always gets the best of me waiting for the rest of me
You were in your winter coat huddled in the overflow I was in the scenery
All the foolish things I know cradled in their graves below I have shed a tear for them

You find you’ll wake with lines on your face
some tiny fragment of a dream that’s been erased

Take what remains of me scattered like the falling leaves if I pass before the dawn
All the memoriues we hold crinkled in the paper folds underneath the pillowcase
I have shed a tear for them thinking of the best of them waiting for the rest of them

Carried Away

Written By: Darrel Cameron/Christopher John

I was a poor old fisher’s son
Long gone, far away
Had to pay for what I’d done
I’ll be gone carried away

Her silken face, her flaxen hair
Long gone, far away
She cradled our baby in the rocking chair
I’ll be gone carried away

Send my love back to my home
Long gone, far away
Send the cold out from these bones
I’ll be gone carried away

When I die, don’t cry for me
Long gone, far away
Throw my body into the sea
I’ll be gone carried away

When you hear the cold wind blow
Long gone, far away
The waves will break and then you’ll know
I’ll be gone carried away

As I drift in my water grave
Long gone far away
Send my ghost to dance in the waves
I’ll be gone carried away

Sing it for my baby on and on
Long gone, far away
The rhythm of the waves, the old wind song
I’ll be gone carried away

Set List

As a songwriting duo, we focus on original songs and we can do sets of up to an hour drawing from the following originals. We have presented our songs in a variety of ways, ranging from stripped-down acoustic sets (i.e. songwriter's circles) to a blend of acoustic and electric sounds featuring guest musicians as needed.

Carried Away
John St.
Five Hornets
Sunny in Space
The Songs We Leave Behind
It All Explodes
Peggy's Cove
Tin Can Man
I Will Find You

Occasionally we do some covers from our influences including:
"Chancellor" - Gord Downie
"Pancho and Lefty" - Townes Van Zandt