Henry Wolfe

Henry Wolfe

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Henry Wolfe makes folk-rock reminiscent of the early seventies solo work of Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson and Neil Young. An era when you could still smoke in coffee shops.


This summer, Undermountain Music is thrilled to announce the release of “Stop the Train”, a download-only single from Los Angeles-based songwriter and singer Henry Wolfe. Featured prominently in the upcoming Sony Pictures film Julie & Julia (directed by Nora Ephron), “Stop the Train” will be available through major online retailers in time for the film’s domestic release on August 7th and will include as a B-side a song entitled "The Other Man”.

An east coast native, Henry Wolfe Gummer first made his mark as the lead singer of New York indie-pop group Bravo Silva before striking out on his own to pursue a solo career in the sunnier climbs of California. His first release as Henry Wolfe, The Blue House EP (Undermountain, 2009), is an eclectic collection of modern, guitar-driven folk songs co-produced and recorded by Malachi DeLorenzo (Langhorne Slim). Soon after releasing The Blue House, Henry recorded an album of songs penned by Portland-based writer and satirist Peter Field. Entitled Wolfe Sings Field (Undermountain 2009), the album’s distinctive instrumentation features arrangements for harp and string quartet by the Los Angeles composer Oliwa. Paired with Henry’s hushed renditions of Field’s darkly comic story-songs, the resulting genre might best be described as “gothic-baroque-folk.”


The Blue House EP (Undermountain 2009)
Wolfe Sings Field (Undermountain 2009)
Stop the Train - Single (Undermountain 2009)

Set List

Stop the Train
Used To Be
La Cuisine De L'Amour
Open The Door
Act 3
Van Nuys
Errant Lover
Friday Night
U Might B Right
Birdseeds (Peter Field cover)
Eagle Creek (Peter Field cover)
For the Turnstiles (Neil Young cover)
Dayton Ohio 1903 (Randy Newman cover)
Typical Set Time: 40mins