Henta & Marias

Henta & Marias


Henta & Marias produce and perform dynamic electronic music with vocals, keys, live dub-style mixing/effects processing, and projected visuals. Their Downtempo set includes sexy rhythms and sultry vocals, and the Dance set incorporates trippy live vocals, house, breakbeat and dubby effects mixing.


Henta (www.henta.co.uk) is a Seattle-based singer/songwriter and recording artist, originally from the UK. Her lush and unique music encompasses electronic/dance and spiritual/acoustic material that is melodically engaging and timeless. She has performed at venues including Center Stage at Burning Man, Critical Mass, Neumo's with Arisawkadoria, Black Rock Equinox and Transcendent Church of Bass' H'art Opening.

Marcell Marias (www.marcellmarias.com) is a producer and performer working in various styles of electronic music. He incorporates visuals in shows and is currently working on fabricating alternative controllers for triggering samples live. His latest album of funky house and dubby breaks is due out this year. He has performed several times at the Seattle Art Museum, produced the multimedia extravaganza "Dream Garden", performed with Henta at Black Rock Equinox, Transcendent Church of Bass' H'art Opening, and is an active member of Seattle's Electronic Music Collective.


La Mint Collection (played on various podcasts)
Daisy Dancing (played on various podcasts)
Electronic Music Collective - v.1

Marcell Marias:
Dusk - Atmospherea CD release (tracks played on NPR, Musical Starstreams, college radio)
Broccoflower- LP (college radio airplay)
Electronic Music Collective - v.1 (compilation featuring tracks from Marcell and Henta)

Set List

Downtempo set (90-120 bpm), including live vocals and sexy sultry rhythms, check out Mercy and Bong Slowly under the audio section.

Set has 14 tracks/songs and runs for approximately 1 hour and 20 mins

Dance set (120-135 bpm) incorporating trippy live vocals, house, breakbeat and dubby effects mixing, check out Falling and Lovedub under audio section. Set has 10 tracks and runs for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes