Azusa, California, USA

If Every TIme I Die, and Comeback Kid were inspired by George A. Romero and played zombie music for the rest of their lives.


Who knows what sitting around in couches watching zombie movies can do. For young men like Myke Clements, Rik Espinosa, and Kirk Asher it leads to the creation of a musical fusion that blows minds. Honing together their collective knowledge of the creature known as zombies, and the musical influences of metal and hardcore's greatest bands the band Hepafilter was born. With the simple purposes of spreading the word on zombies and zombie prevention as well as bringing various styles of metal and hardcore. To do this the boys needed recording time. With little cash, but big hearts the boys recorded the demo Hepafilter vs. Zombies. Only with borrowed time on an electric drum set and a mac book the music was born. Now as you read this plans are forming, songs are being constructed, members are coming together to make Hepafilter cleaner, meaner, faster, louder, harder, and sexier than ever before. Now with Garrett Russell bringing his growls and shrieks, Hepafilter is getting ready for their War on Zombie Terror


Heroes Die, Cowards Live-Forthcoming EP